⚽ Manchester United Matchday – Journey Information to seeing a recreation at Previous Trafford

⚽ Manchester United Matchday - Travel Guide to seeing a game at Old Trafford

Manchester is dwelling to one of the vital well-known soccer golf equipment on the earth – Manchester United. Lots of people wish to come to Manchester to see a recreation, however how do you get there? The place do you purchase tickets? The place are you able to eat and drink? Ninh explains all on this information to going to your first Man Utd recreation.

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33 thoughts on “⚽ Manchester United Matchday – Journey Information to seeing a recreation at Previous Trafford

  1. Ultimate Bucket List says:

    A lot of people are wondering why I'm no longer a season ticket holder, and have to apply to buy single game tickets like every other member.
    – To cut a long story short: I used to be in South Stand, but they moved us to the Stretford End to make way for disabled supporters (I hated it, I couldn't see anything). I wanted them to change my seat, but they refused to move us to a better seat (even though there's 76,000 other seats out there), so I gave it up. I've re-applied hoping to get another South Stand ticket (or similar), but I'm not holding my breath – those things are like gold-dust.
    – The cost of the season ticket isn't really an issue. It's the time it takes to see games. I live 1 hour away from Old Trafford and it takes at least 6 hours out of my day to see a game. That's the sort of time I don't have, especially if I'm travelling a lot around the world.

  2. D.C United says:

    It buggers me when people treat non mancs as glory hunters. Internationals are pretty much the reason to why our club is massive. Like come on now, would u rather have a guy from Trafford that knows 0% about football or a guy from a 3rd world country that knows the core of our club? They might as well make a law stating that only mancs can play for United.

  3. D.C United says:

    3 questions:
    Are u still allowed to get autographs from the players even with these safety precautions?
    Is meet a legend always on?
    Are u still allowed to hold up these signs saying: player name, can i please have your shirt?

  4. Oli Leech says:

    Mate I’ve been a season ticket holder for 6 years and been going since I was 8 and I’ve been sitting in top tier of north stand all my life those stairs are a fucking nightmare 😂😂

  5. Ajay Jairath says:

    Hey as a match going fan, I did enjoy your video… it was pretty thorough. However, your tip about leaving early is almost scandalous. Would you leave the cinema 3mins before it finished or the theatre even??? Surely as a fan it’s about supporting the team for the duration and not being worried about being stuck in traffic. I’m pretty sure if there are any day trippers watching this video, who are planning to visit O.T. it’s probably for their first time. I’d strongly advise staying til the end.
    You also advise that the megastore prices are a rip-off but the street vendors are poor quality…. hmm?
    Anyways, overall I enjoyed your video. Keep up the good work!!!

  6. Piyush V says:

    It's a dream to visit and watch a match at Old Trafford. Manchester is literally the first place I want to visit when I go out of my country. Great video man👍 Shows us United fans from across the world how the experience is. -All the way from India

  7. JXXT 8 says:

    Thank you soooo much I’ve always wanted to go to Manchester to watch the Reds play I’m from America so it’s kinda hard this video has showed me the greatness of Old Trafford thank you bro.


    Iam a Manchester united fan from kenya, i love the video and i always watch it weekly…i really love and thank you for the good work and your efforts to ensure we have a taste of old trafford…i will one day tour oldtrafford.

  9. H I says:

    I live in Scotland and my friends bully me cos I have never been to a United game and I am so desperate to go as I have supported United since I was a child

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