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This video covers my Insider Journey Suggestions for Panama Metropolis.

You will see details about the Panama Canal, Trump Tower, Ancon Hills, Casco Viejo, Panama Vieja, Seafood Market, Mi Puebliot, Albrook Mall, Miraflores Locks, Gatun Locks and see the place to go to keep away from vacationer locations.
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Hello, That is the “Touring Silverback” and that is NOT an standard trip vlog.
If you’re a younger minded, lively, adventurous individual,
planning your subsequent journey, you got here to the proper place.
My web site affords precious Insider Suggestions you often solely get from locals, so your subsequent journey will probably be much more superb.


30 thoughts on “🌴Panama Metropolis Journey Information | Panama Trip☀️

  1. Oriel Espinosa says:

    Thats why you book a tour guide. Saying the Panama Canal is not interesting is like hearing people say the Collosseum is just an old building. You need to know the history and the incredible work behind it.

  2. Strong Believer of the Holy Bible says:

    All glory, praise and honor to our Father God and His Son Lord Jesus Christ the true Creator of heaven and earth for a wonderful creation 🙏❤️🕊🌷⛰💦Lord Jesus Christ is the way the TRUTH and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Him🙏❤️🕊 catholic, muslim, buddhism, hinduism etc. they are all together leading a lot of people to the lake of fire 🔥 because it’s satan religions the father of all lies. Holy Bible is the TRUTH alone🙏 REPENT, believe in the Gospel

  3. ladyamorinfinito says:

    Tourist spreading misinformed generalizations is not the way to get advise into how to get to know a country, it's people and culture. If you want bias opinions go to traveling silverback. FYI all those areas you mark as "bad areas" where severily affected by the USA occupation on Panama in 1989. This communities house the soul of Panama's resiliency, I'm glad you didn't go into el chorrillo or currundu, you are not deserving. Teaching people to "take advantage" by not paying fees is just shady. Wow!

  4. Panamainterior By Nicol says:

    An Exclusive Land. Only! Next to two rivers and a waterfall
    Ecological environment, beautiful landscape and panoramic view near waterfall and river, ideal for hotel project, or holiday home. 5 minutes from the Inter-American Highway. 10 minutes to Penonomé. 2 hours from Panama City. Located in the Corregimiento of Juan Díaz, District of Antón. Coclé-Penonomé. Republic of Panama.
    Contact us email: Tlf / was up. (507) 68494785. Without intermediaries. 600m2 only 18900 usd. Invest now.

  5. Kristopher meaney says:

    Anyone reading this, don't listen to this guy about the Fish Market. GO TO THE FISH MARKET!!! It is a truly local Panamanian experience. It is a great place to go, especially to eat!! He is right, the environment is not great- its a working fish market, its not a restaurant (though there is one inside). It is very casual, working class. This is a place where the locals all go! The ceviche sold here is very popular and is awesome! It is not fancy but is very cheap! Its just sold in styrafoam cups, nothing fancy. You can get a freshly made cup of ceviche or shimp coctail for like $2.50. Beer is super cheap too, like $1 or $1.50. If your a photographer, this is one of the best places for cityscape pictures. After eating some awesome super cheap ceviche and having a beer, go for a walk along the waterfront Cinta Costera walkway or malecon (3 or 4km long).

  6. Mike says:

    Thank you for the information. I want to go there and visit as a tourist. How many weeks do you recommend and what hotel and travel agency is recommended except the hotels you mentioned in this video?

  7. guillermo gouldburn says:

    The beauty of the canal can only be appreciated if you know the history behind it. Just like Pearl Harbor: If you don't know it's history, its just another building. The Alamo? Same thing. We could keep going. And there is only another one in the whole world, so its a pretty unique experience you wont find anywhere else.

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