10 Ideas & Errors | Las Vegas Journey Information 2020

10 Tips & Mistakes | Las Vegas Travel Guide 2020

Journey information for Issues to do in Las Vegas 2020. This video contains my private suggestions & errors to keep away from. I cowl a many matters together with the airport, casinos, accommodations, night time golf equipment, meals, holidays, leases, and reductions.

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40 thoughts on “10 Ideas & Errors | Las Vegas Journey Information 2020

  1. Punk Slapper says:

    This happened to me last time I was on the Strip.

    Street Hustler: "Hey, how long are you here for?"

    Me: (silence)

    Street Hustler: "Would you like a free CD?"

    Me: "I actually want TWO free CDs!!!"

    Street Hustler: "Two? My man, why you need two?"

    Me: " I need TWO so I can shit on one and cover it up with the other one. Now go fuck yourself forever!!"

  2. Ryan Heinlen says:

    stay of strip is better…food off strip is 65% cheaper easily and rooms are cheaper…also most of off strip properties DO NOT have a charge for parking or resort fees. Entertainment is also just as good and WAY cheaper

  3. Danny boy says:

    Great tips thank you, I’m going for 4 nights in March hopefully 🙏, me and my girlfriend we not Big gamblers, I like a football bet or horse bet now and then, can someone tell me how much per day we need roughly please? Thanks a lot

  4. MrsLoveLeey says:

    Vide was very helpful but timeshare me and my husband did take part in and it was like 30 mins for $150 in casino voucher show tickets for Motown and pampas Brazilian steak house def was worth it and I asked up front how long one person did try to get us at one for a hour but we declined and waited for better

  5. Steve Veasey says:

    A variation of the street hustle is if you are in a mall and someone says 'Can I offer you this bracelet?' and pushes some cheap plastic bangle at you – if you take it they will give you some spiel about it's holistic healing powers and demand 10-20 bucks off you. Just brush them off, they are used to it…

  6. Versace Boyy says:

    Great tips

    M life is great been using there free nights a few years in a row, never have any problems…
    Mann Las vegas is too big to over plan you wont see it all…and its expensive my tip is dont bring children with you unless its a family thing and for kids

    Its vegas i come to gamble not for other stuff… last tip #1 is have fun

  7. Brent Ten says:

    I walked the whole strip, 32,000 feet (pedometer stated), hotel watching. I honestly spend just under $299, which was totally worth it, to see the dolphins and dolphin trainers (so much fun – go talk to them – they are totally friendly and fun), then I paid to see the aquarium at the Mandalay Bay, totally worth it. I paid a few more things at different casinos and I had an awesome time !!! Do Not Gamble During the Day !!! Set a limit at night. When it gone, it’s gone! Then crack up with your friends !!! Haha!

  8. 54Ripster says:

    I Usually stay at 4 Queens on Freemont Street, Get Double Deuce Bus Tickets 3 day pass usually, to cvisit strip. 4 Queens has No Resort Fee or at least didn't. Am not planning on going until pandemic crisis is over.

  9. Chris Oder says:

    Here are my tips.
    1. Stay on the strip, But not in a hotel– in an AirBNB. Such as the condos connected to MGM. It's like 180 per night, no resort fees and they come with full kitchens.
    2. Amazon Now– While your on your flight, get on amazon and start looking for groceries. Stuff like Pedialyte (For Hangovers) Red Bull, Frozen Pizza, and especially, breakfast stuff. Do not spend 40 dollars per person at a breakfast buffet.
    3. Skip Fremont St– Just trust me on this.
    4. Avoid walking in-between casinos. It's hot and their are so many scam artists it's ridiculous. UBER.

  10. Steve Saavedra says:

    Uber’s in Vegas is like playing Russian roulette! Many of these drivers pack a rod and double as drivers for call girls, you never know who those driver pissed off . From someone who really knows…Vegas is really a small town to locals.

  11. RON HURST says:

    LAS VEGAS sees record 970 new coronavirus cases in 1 day
    Clark County recorded 970 new coronavirus cases on Saturday morning, the largest single-day increase in the county since the pandemic began.

  12. Lenny Pepperidge says:

    These amateur tips are terrible

    #1 take the city bus 2 bucks
    #2 get an airbnb
    #3 tell the timeshare ppl ur a local n they'll fuck off
    #4 don't talk to street hustlers, especially the cd demo rappers
    #5 do 3 activities per day
    #6 early birds get in free to the clubs
    #7 free entertainment… the drunks and couples fighting and the guys that can't get any
    #8 don't gamble without a player's card
    #9 my Vegas app sucks everything is always hard to get
    #10 dont use a player's card if ur gonna launder money

    I'm a gambling pro and a local

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