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Iceland is a particular nation. On the finish of final summer time we shipped two KTMs to Iceland and joined Discover 360 of their journey across the island. Alongside the way in which they confirmed us a few of their hidden gems, taught us one of the simplest ways to see the island and we came upon simply how unimaginable the land of Hearth and Ice is.

It rained onerous for half the journey, was chilly for the entire journey and was an entire pleasure to expertise. If you happen to loved our latest journey movie/journey information, please pop a remark down under and subscribe to our channel!


Llewelyn Pavey


49 thoughts on “A Journey Information To Iceland – Brake Journal

  1. Adam S says:

    I've been itching to go back to Iceland since I got a couple day's taste on a layover to Denmark a few years ago….now it's a burning two-wheeled fire in my belly. Go away Covid!

  2. Anton Valur Jónsson says:

    Nice video but Icelandic is a Germanic language not a Slavic one so I'm pretty stumped by their transliteration of „Reykjavík“ as „Reykjavíc“ that sounds more like a Croatian city than an Icelandic one.

  3. WhosThatGuy says:

    Not a fan of the check list hipster narration but everything else I loved!!! Thank you for the HIGH quality film. Don't let my slightly negative comment stop you from sharing and making more of this type of vids. Iceland is like nowhere else, so amazing..

  4. liv2day00 says:

    Watched this from a link on advrider, fantastic video and I truly enjoyed the mix of footage. A question about the aerial footage if you don't mind answering – what drone did you use? Looks like it might be the Mavic Mini? I've been trying to capture footage like you did for a few years when riding and judging from what you did…I have a ways to go…lol. Wondered if you used active track or just flew manually?

    Iceland looks like a wonderful place to explore and ride; fire and ice for sure. Appreciate the time it takes to craft something like that, I know what goes into it.

  5. XL Adventure Motorcycle Rider says:

    That's a dream for me! Im assuming the Klim gear did well in the wet and cold? Any heated gear? My Klim Carlsbad suit is about 4 years old now and does great in Colombia, Puerto Rico tropical rain. Krios helmet with the pin lock does well in the rain too.

  6. Andrew Ely says:

    Really, really, really good video LP. Great production values, but also cleverly edited to capture the highlights. There must have been so much footage to curate. I’d love to watch an hour long feature. Long way round, eat your heart out!

  7. Searching for 6th Gear says:

    Thanks for the show! I really enjoyed it! My father spent some time there back in the 1950s. The stick and map thing… It's something I learned in the military. Fingers are so big, they cover key terrain. Sticks or pointy blades of grass are much more efficient at letting people know where you are going and what they can expect to see along the way. Cheers!

  8. Orange Future says:

    Overlanded there from N. Ireland 15 years ago on a DRZ. Submerged er in 6ft of water crossing a river. Nearly drowned. The currents pull you down if the crossing is wide. Got er out , pumped the water out , and cleaned the silt out of the carb every hour. Harsh country .

  9. 2 Wheels Channel says:

    Great footage, fantastic! Have already booked the freight for my bike Uk-Iceland-Uk for this July. Can’t wait! As you say in the clip, cold and river crossings, so I will be preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. Wish me luck!

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