A Journey Information to Istanbul within the Sixties: The Thriller Metropolis of Mosques (1967) | British Pathé

A Travel Guide to Istanbul in the Sixties: The Mystery City of Mosques (1967) | British Pathé

This phase of Pathé Pictorial provides a snapshot of what the gorgeous metropolis of Instanbul, Turkey seemed like within the nineteen-sixties. It takes the time to spotlight fashionable vacationer areas from the numerous mosques to touring across the Bosporus river.

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Cuts exist – see separate document.

Lovely footage from Istanbul, Turkey. Visitable locations and vacationer areas are proven.

Istanbul, Turkey.

Aerial views of the town; a Sabena plane in flight. A number of photographs of Santa Sophia Mosque; the Golden Horn and Galata Bridge; males board boats that chug out into the harbour; individuals stroll over the bridge, porters carry sacks and palates. On a moored boat a person feeds fish to a pelican. A person on the quayside shows fish across the rim of a bucket. Fish is grilled on a fish stall boat; a younger man bites right into a fish roll.

A person on the street sells bread rings; a person in a swimsuit has his sneakers shined. Aerial view of the town, taken from a helicopter. A number of photographs of ferries on the Bosporus Sea; views from the boats present mosques and homes beside the river. Extra aerial views of the town present the outdated and new structure. From a ship on the Bosporus we see the Dolmabache Palace.

Aerial view from a helicopter of the traditional wall constructed round Byzantium (later Constantinople); extra photographs from a ship travelling alongside the Bosporus. Quite a few fishing boats are moored; on the quayside a person carries stay fish on a rope that wriggle earlier than the digital camera. Good temporary C/U of an outdated man smoking a cigarette in a holder. At a fish stall a boy brings espresso for the seller. On a moored boat a person barbecues some fish over an outdated tin. Different males mend their boats and fishing nets.

A number of photographs of the fortress constructed by Mohammed the Conqueror; a younger couple climb up the hill to the primary tower. Photographs from a ship of one other fortress and homes on the Asiatic facet of the ocean; extra fishing boats seen on this tranquil village. At one other level on the Bosporus we see trendy resorts beside the water.

A person sits at a waterside cafe and smokes from a hubble-bubble pipe; varied photographs of the Blue Mosque exterior and the stained-glass home windows inside.

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  1. Ghazal Khazana says:

    Went there few times in early 80's and fell in love with the city as I got out of the taxi, one of the beautiful city in the world and no comparison with shopping areas like Teksim and istaqlaal.

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