An Terrible Journey Information To Prague

An Awful Travel Guide To Prague

I went to Prague for a trip and did belongings you did in Prague. I say it’s 24 hours within the video but it surely’s really highlights over 6 days. Sorry to interrupt the immersion. I hope you assume it’s humorous. It’s extra private actual tales that occurred reasonably than made up stuff like in most movies.


Quite a lot of Tavern Music From WoW
And Random songs from Kingdom Come deliverance


39 thoughts on “An Terrible Journey Information To Prague

  1. Julie Durby says:

    When I was in Prague, I made a b-line to where all the swans were gathered by the river. I am a sucker for waterfowl so I fed them bits of my granola bar. That's when I learned that the pigeons there are very hand tame and several of them landed on my hand for some nom noms. Best city ever

  2. bread eater says:

    Now you've gotta go to Germany and get good Beer.
    Edit: I swear to God if you don't go to Bavaria to get beer there will be a unforeseen relocation of you to Bavaria.

  3. Andreas Kourek says:

    Hi, a czech guy living in Prague here.
    We dont like the Czechia, we still prefer to be called Czech Republic.
    Pragues Castle is overrated.

    Yeah, we drink way too much beer. No, its not a tourist thing…. its a "I am a czech white man between 20-70, I am at home from work, I will now chug beers until I have to go to work again.

    Swedish bastard still owe us the Devils Bible stolen in 17th century. One of only 3 immensely important works of literature from czech history.
    Absinth is fun and legal here.

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