Ankara Vacationer Points of interest | Journey Information to Ankara in Turkey

Ankara Tourist Attractions | Travel Guide to Ankara in Turkey

Ankara is the capital of Turkey. I stayed for a day on this ghost city and I’ll share my expertise of visiting high vacationer sights in Ankara the capital metropolis of Turkey. This isn’t a vacationer metropolis in Turkey however nonetheless once I arrived right here, I explored a number of sights.

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34 thoughts on “Ankara Vacationer Points of interest | Journey Information to Ankara in Turkey

  1. OfSe says:

    You didn't find a hotel? How's that possible? If you can book online then you might wanna use google maps. Ankara is huge but compare to the İstanbul it's a walkable city aaand Turkish people have some issues with speaking English yes but it's because we were not an English colony in past. Sorry for your trouble.

  2. Blake Chanse says:

    Also I wouldn't trust their Albanian, Macedonian and Abkhazian helpers we really think you can have us live together on this planet any where no way go back to one place the cold moon.

  3. hayabusaTravels says:

    I would recommend investing in a GPS unit! It might help you in cases like the one you experienced in Ankara.
    Not from Turkey myself, but I always travel with a GPS unit and a paper map.
    Also, do your homework before going to any foreign country, meaning writing down street name of the hotel, any any other locations of interest.

  4. rez maknae says:

    It would be polite to learn the way to ask "Do you speak English?" in the local language wherever you travel. Rather than assuming they speak it and start talking to them in English.

  5. N R says:

    I ever living in ankara. I have also visited other cities. antalya. anamur. alanya. konya. bollu. afyon. eskisehir. bolvadin .. i really miss turkey ❤

  6. Hakkaka says:

    There is nothing turistic in Ankara if u wondering about come to Turkey . You should go to İstanbul for history , for nature black sea side , for beach Antalya, bodrum izmir…

  7. Bura Bax TV says:

    Very good video, Actually Taxi drivers i Ankara and Istanbul are Kürds and Armeniand not Türks, some of them not friendly and don't speak very well English, you should have a someone to translate you.

  8. A. W. A. says:

    probably, you have no idea what language is that… well, it is indian english, so to translate that I mean DON'T POST SUCH KIND OF VIDEOS THAT HAS NO VALUE AND KEEP THEM TO YOUR WIFE AND KIDS BECAUSE THE VIDEO HAS NO MEANING AT ALL. that is only English.

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