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BANFF Travel Guide: Budget Tips | Little Grey Box

Journey Banff on a price range! We spent a number of days in Banff, Alberta, trying out a few of the greatest issues to see, do and eat on a price range! We additionally discovered a good way to maintain prices down on lodging. Make sure to watch to the tip – the final scene within the automobile kills me! The stunning server was doing her greatest with our Aussie accents!

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47 thoughts on “BANFF Journey Information: Finances Suggestions | Little Gray Field

  1. Living on a Dollar says:

    $250 for camping supplies Plus park fees the same amount as 1 night in a hotel ..Sucks if your camping 1 night Well worth it if your doing a trek.. We are going next month after seeing the east coast last year ..Tip …Get a good size rental SUV or van a Air mattress Or foam. A little butane burner A oven grill for camp fires 5 gallon jug they use for office water .. I am a sort of a outdoors meets prepper type so We have MRE dryed food packs (very cheap to make) Dinner packs like Beef noodle, Pre cooked rice dishes, And a few other menu items which take 5 mins to heat up and another to fully hyrate …My dad use to travel alot in a camper van working on sites for a week or two in the middle of no where He use to shower at coin ops in the middle of the night in swim trunks Would fill up water jugs (before bottled water was a thing) And had a hibachi Which oddly enough Aussies and kiwi's are more familar with then Canadians ..Closest i been to OZ is Philippines (My girlfriends country) But yeah one day …No really 24hrs of flight lol You guys must of went nuts Cheers ty for the video

  2. S F says:

    It's like a director gave notes for this video by saying, "we want you to talk exactly the same way every other travel presenter talks and we are going to fill the background with this same upbeat music you've heard on every travel video ever made. Pretty original huh?"

  3. RememberTheTrees says:

    Tip for anyone who might be thinking of going but isn't really into camping: If you book a full year in advance, as my sister and i did, you can actually get accomodations in the $100 range, it cost us about $1300 for about 12 nights. I do mean a full year, though, because six months out, prices have already gone upwards of $300 a night. Plan early!

  4. Eden Sam says:

    Camping is good and slightly cheaper but what would you do with all those pots, pans, camping gear once your vacation is over ?! Are you going to lug all that stuff back on your flight ✈️ back home if you’re flying ?!

  5. Andy Holmes says:

    Great video, I originally saw this in the beginning of the year but as I went in June I just wanted to say thank you for the heads up on a lot of these points as I managed to include them on my trip. Though we did go with the expensive option and stay in Banff! I've made a short video of our trip on my channel and would be awesome if you could leave some feedback. Really enjoy your content, keep up the good work 🙂

  6. Tomahawk1999 says:

    Hey you got one detail wrong, you can check out banff hotel without staying there so technically its still in budget. do bears show up at camping sites and where do u shower?

  7. Edy Daou says:

    Hi, Banff is indeed beautiful but the drive on Icefield Parkway to Jasper and Jasper are drop dead gorgeous. Now for poutine, if you haven't been to Quebec you don't know what real poutine is, it tastes so different.

  8. A. D. says:

    Can someone help me? I’m planning on going to Banff and of course I wanna stay under budget, some of the tips that I have gathered are;

    Stay on Canmore insted of Banff and rent a car
    There are hotels that include the breakfast, meals can be pricy
    Im not quite sure what is the best and least expensive way to get from Calgary to Banff or Canmore
    The skiing classes (planning on going early December)
    And every other advice that someone can tell me so I can enjoy this amazing place.

    Thank you so much

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