BEST PRAGUE TRAVEL TIPS in 10 MINUTES (Sincere Information)


Hey guys, listed below are a number of the finest journey ideas for Prague (particularly in case you’re first time customer). We hope it will assist you put together your journey. Tell us within the feedback in case you discover this video useful, thanks!

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Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš


49 thoughts on “BEST PRAGUE TRAVEL TIPS in 10 MINUTES (Sincere Information)

  1. Ferdinand says:

    People complaining about grumpy people usually come from those kind of countries where you need to act like you are happy (France, UK, USA, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Americas…). I'd rather be in a country with grumpy people but very friendly rather than bad happy people.

  2. Gesche Adolph says:

    Great Video! I'm planning to visit Prague in 2 months so your videos are very helpful! I've never been to the Czech Republic but always wanted to go because my grandma was born there and the cities seem very beautiful! I love old architecture! Are there any other cities or even smaller towns around Prague that you recommend I should visit? :))
    Cheers from your German neighbor!

  3. Enes HOLOĞLU says:

    Hey man! I checked your several videos before. Today one exchange office in Prague they offered me 18 czk for 1 eur but it was 25,44 and when I asked no it’s impossible this scissors difference to much it can’t be etc. I said give me my money back. He said first change more I will give you 25 then I said no and he said, okay I will give you 25 czk and one card (with company stamp) you can change your money in our offices always 25 czk to 1 eur. Wtf man??? Is it a joke? They are local mafia. Thank you honest guide, I wanna give this kind informations honestly about Turkey. It’s totally same in touristic places.

  4. galinneall says:

    Whenever I'm staying in Prague overnight, I always try to stay at Hotel Adeba on Pernerova Street – clean, comfortable rooms and good service at reasonable rates, and only a 20 minute walk from the main station, or a 5 minute walk from the Křiikova underground station. There is also a great restaurant at the end of the street, Peter's Burger Pub, good food, great beer, and also reasonably priced.

  5. Veronica Chin says:

    Hi Honest Guys! new in this channel, thank you very much for your vlog, just wanted to ask your help or recommendations, we will only be staying Prague for two days and 1/2, can you suggest where to go so that we can make the most of our visit. Thank you very much<3

  6. Gordon Nicol says:

    Thanks a lot Honest John : )
    Very informative and you have a very pleasant and friendly personality. You're the kind of local we would all love to sit and have a cup of coffee with – Dekuji

  7. Ahmed Ramzi says:

    No, not all of the world is grumpy like you guys. Where I come from we are very welcoming and we take care of our visitors and sometimes random locals treats random foreigners for food or drinks as away to show our how welcoming we are and our kindness to one another. Just saying.

  8. Irrrjyk says:

    yeah this pace is better. I like your vids but have to rewatch several times and get bored and tube out and replay again and again miss the same part. 8 minutes instead of usual 6 is better.

  9. Edward Yandoc says:

    Please settle a bet with my wife, are you identical or fraternal twins. This is very important. Also we are greatly looking forward to our trip to Prague tomorrow and we love you channel.

  10. Andrea O says:

    I have been to Prague last month with my husband to celebrate my 30th and sorry to say but I absolutely would not recommend it to anyone. Servers are RUDE and DEMAND tips from you! This is very unusual and unheard of in other parts of Europe. People don't have to pay tips and even if they don't we expect pleasant service. We stayed at the centre and ALL the restaurants & cafes we visited were disappointing and overpriced. Don't go to Prague, its honestly nothing special and the centre is tiny and the rest of Prague is just nothing special at all. Taxi drivers are also rude and very expensive! OH and not to mention, all fast food restaurants will CHARGE you for ketchup and salt/pepper…..

  11. Del Phi says:

    My credit company (bank) monitors activities very well. My credit card did not work when I tried to use a vending machine for a but ticket at the airport. I went to the tourist office just off the exit/the bus station. They were able to use my credit card. So if you have similar challenges, try the tourist offices in Prague. FYI. Have fun!

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