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Buenos Aires – a fascinating mix of European structure and Latin ardour. Try footage of the very best points of interest within the metropolis in our journey information!

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Named for good crusing winds, #BuenosAires is the capital of Argentina, and residential to just about 1 / 4 of the nation’s two million residents. Come for the gorgeous European structure, and keep for scrumptious cuts of meat, the town’s zest for soccer, and, after all, the tango.

A #trip in Buenos Aires ought to embrace a cease at La Boca Harbor, the place you’ll discover quite a few avenue distributors, eating places, and avenue dancers prepared to present you a spin.

#Go to Plaza de Mayo. There you may take within the rosy structure of the Casa Rosada, which was made well-known by Argentine First Girl Eva Peron and the musical about her life, “Evita.”

Cap off your Buenos Aires #sightseeing with a night stroll by way of Puerto Madero, the place you will get a late dinner and dance till the following day arrives.

For now, we hope you get pleasure from watching this #journey #information as a lot as we loved making it.

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48 thoughts on “Buenos Aires Trip Journey Information | Expedia

  1. LoverOfQueenAndBeaver says:

    Let's not forget the dark side of Argentina.

    Even today the Argies are addicted to the mindset of colonial conquerors: I see the land, I want it, so I come to conquer it, fuck the people who live there.

    The entire country was born out of bloody colonial conquests by Spanish colonizers. The way they expanded to and subjugated Patagonia in 1870-80s was just blood curdling. Even by contemporary colonial standard the cruelty was shocking and scandalous. The UK was once the leader in colonialism. However, since WWII, a new value system and risen across the globe. Colonial conquest is a thing of the past. In the new era of democracy and rule of law, the international norm of settling issues concerning sovereignty is democratic self-determination. The UK embraced the value of democracy and voluntarily got rid of her entire Empire – remember the UK was never militarily defeated by any colonial uprisings. The decolonization process was entirely voluntary as UK recognized local peoples' rights to self-determination.

    Argentina was the only country in the Western Hemisphere that didn't give a fuck about self-determination. Even at present – the 21st century, their mentality is little different from their Conquistador ancestors in the 16th century. It'd be fine if Argentina were a great power like Russia or China, so it could simply use it muscles and get away with it. Too bad it wasn't. It has no muscles. It is LITERALLY the ONLY EXAMPLE IN HUMAN HISTORY of an industrialized First-World country slowly sliding backwards to the rank of Third-World developing country. And its military was far better at staging domestic coups and massacring its own civilians than fighting a foreign country.

    And yet even now, nearly 40 years after the defeat of its shameful invasion of Falkland, it still tries to claim Falkland. What a joke. Its dream of 21st century colonialism is a joke. Its fantasy of bullying a country like UK is a joke. Its plan of destroying a British territory's democracy is a joke. The whole fucking country is a joke.

  2. cibertech Podolski says:

    En Argentina llegaron 18 millones de inmigrantes europeos 1860 a 1970, de los cuales 11 millones Italianos,la cultura Argentina es más Italiana que Española, el 58 % de los Argentinos son descendientes de Italianos y 15 % españoles 10% Alemanes Rusos Franceses,yo e estudiado sobre Argentina, saludos amigos desde Bielorrusia…

  3. R.B.R says:

    I am from Buenos Aires, last year did visit London and Paris… both cities looked extremely familiar, maybe in the light of the fact that BA indeed is Paris of the South, obviously with its own personality.

  4. 청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF says:

    Buenos Aires is an Argentine capital with the nice view.
    There a lot of European cultural influences due to the Spanish colony.
    It seems more like Europe than Latin America.
    Please visit us, because we are running our YouTube channel and it's about Korean team building activities or games.

  5. Mike Harris says:

    I studied Spanish in B.A. 14 years ago. I stayed for a month with a woman in Palermo. One of the best cultural experiences of my life. Argentina is a great place to visit.

  6. Hongda Xu says:

    Nice Video, but there are some mistakes.
    4:20 wrong picture, that avenue is not Avenida 9 de Julio
    5:07 Argentinian should not call Islands of Falkland, instead it’s Islas Malvinas.
    5:10 Falkland/Malvinas War Memorial is located at Retiro neighbourhood, north of Buenos Aires, which is not close to the National Congress (about 3.4 km, 13min drive, 40 min walk)

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