Cairo, Egypt Journey Information

Cairo, Egypt Travel Guide

Cairo.. the biggest metropolis on the African continent and residential to the final remaining historic marvel of the world. So many individuals dream of standing within the shadow of the Nice Pyramid, however the concern of unfamiliarity in a turbulent Center East go away many vacationers asking the identical query.. is it protected? My title is Ricky Moreno and I’m gonna present you the preferred vacationer points of interest within the metropolis, and all of the the reason why I like Cairo!

0:55 – Airport Arrival
1:33 – Tahrir Sq.
2:31 – The Pyramids
4:54 – Driving A Camel At The Pyramids
6:33 – The Citadel
8:29 – Al Azhar Park
9:12 – Name To Prayer
10:18 – The Egyptian Museum
11:53 – MUMMIES
12:35 – Getting into A Tomb In Saqqara
15:21 – Nile River Cruise
17:26 – Khan Al-Khalili Market
19:11 – Ramadan


34 thoughts on “Cairo, Egypt Journey Information

  1. Osinachi says:

    I liked the camera movement @12:30. Your video made me laugh and also get emotional. You bad for that @15:19. Just as I was saying to myself that this feels like watching a scary movie, you go and do that. Have to keep reminding myself I'm watching a YouTube video. It's like a documentary as well. First time I welled up from seeing a video of the Pyramids. It's on my bucket list. Nice work and, thank you.

  2. Tania. says:

    Cairo is STUNNING as your video is, how good video! I liked so much and I got so much fun seeing you with the camels, poor. One day I'll go to the beauty Egypt❤❤❤❤

  3. The Niqab Girl says:

    you know I have never felt safer in the world than in Egypt…since the very first moment I arrived to Egypt, the peace came to my heart and soul..your video is very beautiful btw…keep this work

  4. Fawaz Fawaz says:

    Cairo is a city that does not sleep, especially old Cairo. Egypt is a beautiful country, but there is one drawback that there is some exploitation in the price, especially for the tourist.

  5. Kim Zimmerman says:

    2 concerns…My feet and legs always swell when I fly. I have never flown that far. (US to Egypt). Should just try to save the money for the cost of a very comfy first class flight for 2?…. Second question… Take a UBER everywhere that is too far to walk? (like from Giza to Cairo) (are there guides that can just stay with you and take you around?)…Thx…Love your video.

  6. Kim Zimmerman says:

    Thank you so much for this video. I am planning a 2 week vacation for myself and my brother, and I now have some tips. We definitely want to stay in Giza (closest to the pyramids), ride camels, go to the museum and mummy room, and sail the Nile. What great prices. Can't wait to go and shop and just take it all in at the park that you went to…Thx again

  7. karim magdy says:

    My American ex GF used to think before coming to see me in Egypt that we live in tents and ride camels loool, now she wants to come every year 😂
    Hope you enjoy my lovely country and enjoy every bit of your visit 🙂

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