Cape City Journey Information

Cape Town Travel Guide

Our Cape City journey information! A fantastic information for a gorgeous metropolis, Cape City is unimaginable.

Due to the incredible Jeremy Loops for taking the time to speak to us. Try Jeremy Loops’ music:

We’re so excited to share our information to Cape City with you. This breathtaking metropolis is filled with a thousand adventures, unimaginable meals, and most significantly, great individuals.

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30 thoughts on “Cape City Journey Information

  1. Kevin McMahon says:

    I've been to Cape Town many times and was there again earlier this year. It's a beautiful city. It has become 'edgier' over the years though. You can be subject to persistent, aggressive begging in the city centre during the day. We were. A city security guard advised my wife to remove her neck chain just to be safe. She said it wasn't particularly valuable but he advised it all the same. Sure enough, a woman staying in our hotel had her neck chain snatched right outside the hotel in broad daylight. At night you simply do not walk anywhere in the city centre. Even going to a restaurant a quarter of a mile away we were advised to take a cab. In Strand Street, where our hotel was, large groups of young men congregated on the street corners, in doorways and up side streets. Other than them, you did not see anyone walking. It's safe in the Waterfront but you should never walk to or from there, even in the day.
    I have probably exhausted Cape Town now, but if I ever went back I would stay out in Camps Bay or False Bay or similar. I would not stay in the city centre. In most European cities – Munich, Paris, Barcelona, London etc – you stay as close in to the centre as you can afford. In South Africa it is the opposite.

  2. Lunga Biyela says:

    It's BS that minibus taxis are unregulated and unsafe. Millions of people use them to get around every day and find them very reliable, safe and affordable. It's a massive lie that they're unsafe.

  3. zerpashmal says:

    These people of BoKaap are not Malays ,there were Malays in the past from Indonesia but these are mixture of Indians , Swahili-Bantus ,Whites people and Khoisan who pose as Malays they are fake . The real Malays are outside Cape Town in Stellenbosch, Paarl , Wellington , Simonstown and Somerset Strand. Constantia ,Claremont .That man also is very ignorant who speak abt Malays and Malaysians. He knows nothing of the history of the Cape Malays he is a Coloured or White man 's child .

  4. Bruce Roberts says:

    I spent about 5 days there around 12 years ago. It was absolutely one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I'll return one day, stay a little longer, and perhaps take a train to Durban, Soweto, and Joburg. Also I'd go to Boswana.

  5. Zach K says:

    I was bit reserved about my upcoming trip to Capetown in January 2021 … but you just made all of my fears vanished…

    My wife and I will be flying from USA to Johannesburg, Capetown, Victoria Falls, Lesotho, Swaziland and Madagascar….

    I think i will hire an Uber driver for my time in CT…

    I am very excited and thankful to you for sharing this video..

    We will for sure stop by at the restaurants you visited !!

    What else would you recommend while in CT..?

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