CHINA TRAVEL TIPS 2019 || Information to Assist You Put together (10 issues NOT to do + MORE)

CHINA TRAVEL TIPS 2019 || Guide to Help You Prepare (10 things NOT to do + MORE)

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Hello guys, after my first #ChinaTravelGuide video, I spotted there’s all the time extra inquiries to be answered.

Touring to China can really feel intimidating or overwhelming, however don’t be concerned! Let me allow you to put together and ease your thoughts with my suggestions and guides.

This is some new updates I’ve discovered since my first video and plus some Chinese language phrases + What NOT to do in China suggestions.

Contents of this video are cut up up in two sections:
1. 10 Issues NOT to do when touring in China
2. Q&A | Your questions answered.

-The best way to use WeChat Pay
-Is China secure?
-Chinese language language phrases
-Chinese language New Yr journey affect
-Resorts & Lodging
-The best way to cut price

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➟ Frequent Scams to Keep away from in China:
➟ Be taught Easy Chinese language for Journey:
➟ Social and Cultural Etiquette in China:


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Hello there, my identify is Dia.
I left Los Angeles in late 2017 and have been touring ever since. I started making movies to maintain myself grounded, and since then it has changed into my dream profession! Taking the leap to chase my dream was scary at first, however sharing my tales and adventures with you guys have been an incredible a part of it.

I hope to proceed making journey vlogs and invaluable guides to assist and encourage others. Would like to get to know ya! Drop a remark and say hello 🙂


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24 thoughts on “CHINA TRAVEL TIPS 2019 || Information to Assist You Put together (10 issues NOT to do + MORE)

  1. DIA JIN says:

    After my first China Travel Guide, I realized there's always more questions to be answered. With this video, I hope to further help you prepare and ease anyone's worry about traveling to China for their first time.

    Two sections of this video:
    1. 10 Things NOT to do when traveling in China
    2. Q&A | Your questions answered.

    >> If reading is more your thing:

    And as usual, please don't hesitate to ask me any questions in the comments below or just say hi🤗

  2. Get Comfortable says:

    What are the clothing/fashion do’s/don’ts for men and women travelling to China 🇨🇳??? And what would you say are essential items to take or to buy whilst in China? Thank you 🙂

  3. Albert Wolfe says:

    So if you want to know why some hotels do not let foreigners stay there it's a health issue. I have been living in Nanning, China for 2 years and in Tianjin for 3 years and now in South Longuzho. I am married to a beautiful chinese women. I have many friends who own hotels and I have asked them this same question and it is a simple answer. WC's and showers, most of these budgets hotels do not have western toilets or have a community style WC/shower area. So the government thinks because this not suited for foreigners and if a foreigner was to stay at one of these hotels and take photos and put them on Youtube saying "look at how I had to use the toilet/shower in my hotel" and the chinese government was to find out, these hotels could get a very large fine or lose their license or both. And just to let you know I do not speak chinese only a few ruff frases and a lot of animation and a whole lot of laughing as well as drinking. Hope this helps, of course this is what my friends on QQ/Wechat tell me, but I can see the point, lucky for me I was in the US Navy and had to learn to adapt from all my travels overseas both Europe and Asia and living in the outback of Australia. Alby

  4. John sharp says:

    when I was in china i was not allowed in some hotels because the could not copy my passport and inform the police i was staying there- yes the gouvernement needs to know were you are at all times-not just me but the public as welll

  5. John sharp says:

    i used expressvpn for years when i was there put they all go down when the gouvernment wants to stop them and the funny thing is the public is blocked from western socail media but the gouvernement is all over facebook and more

  6. Anthony k. Nance says:

    Dia Jin, i just stumbled onto your videos and found them to be very informative, and am in the very near future planning a trip to Mainland China, as my girlfriend is a native Chinese,, my question is what do you think of the electronic pocket translators , do they work, would you recommend them ?

  7. you don't own me says:

    i love watching this woman. so pretty , intelligent and such good information. love the advice. i hope you made videos of trips you have taken to China so i can watch them and you interacting with locals.

  8. Thomas Karchesy says:

    Some exceptions to finding what you need in China: If you are big and tall, it is unlikely that you will find clothes or shoes to fit you. I tried to find flip-flops for my size 12 feet and never found them. The cut of the clothes is for the typical Chinese body style. If you get upset stomach you will not find pepto bismo or anything like it. If you get a toothache, you will not find Orajel or its equivalent. Best to take an emergency kit including a supply of antibiotics that you can get from your doctor, for" just in case" situations.

  9. Davil Viper says:

    I really love your video because of your simplification and clarification about every topic. 🤗🤗 you made it lot more easier to understand… Hope to get some more videos from you.. 😎😎 if everything goes okey, coming their so soon to stay a long time. Your tactics will help a lot.. 🤠

  10. Rags Gags says:

    Hi. Nice video, n. Very informative. I am From India. So I wanted to know can I use all my Indian websites like banking, shopping websites in China or they r also restricted?. This is mainly to pay my EMI, rent and purchase online goods for my home in India.

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