Dubai Full Journey Information – UAE Bucket Checklist

Dubai Complete Travel Guide - UAE Bucket List

Dubai is a tremendous place, and I extremely advocate that you just go one time in your life. But it surely’s a large mega metropolis within the center east, so the place do you begin? I’ll present you round the whole lot that’s cool in Dubai, such because the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al Arab, the Dubai Mail, SkiDubai, Skydive Dubai, Dubai Marina, the Dubai Body, the Mall of the Emirates, the seashores, Dubai Creek, the Souks and way more!

Ninh Ly presents ‘Final Bucket Checklist’ – a model new YouTube channel to discover cool issues to do earlier than you die. From swimming with dolphins, to leaping off cranes, to playing in Vegas. Comply with me on my journey to tick off issues on my bucket checklist and offer you journey suggestions and recommendation in an effort to begin your personal. Come on guys, stay just a little!

Life is just too brief. Do you are feeling that your life is slipping away?
Have you ever fulfilled your life’s needs? Or travelled the world?
This channel is to offer you concepts to tick off your bucket checklist.

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29 thoughts on “Dubai Full Journey Information – UAE Bucket Checklist

  1. XxTomHutchxX says:

    I go to Dubai every year (not this year cos of COVID-19)and stay in the Jumeirah beach hotel for a week but because it’s so hot I can never be bothered travelling anywhere so I stay I the waterparks and pool (the sea is too hot) but after watching this I am now motivated to travel around Dubai to see the stuff in this video thank you 😊

  2. yutuniopati says:

    Taxi are not that expensive, it's relative. But in comparison to the USA or Europe it's really cheap. Now the cheapest way to traval is really a car if you can affoard to buy it first and need to move a lot.

  3. MelinaS Sasha says:

    What a fantastic and informative video, I enjoyed it so much ! It's obvious that you love Dubai . I adore the place, have been there many times , it's my favourite city in the world.My first experience was a 3- night stay at the Burj al Arab but my favourite place is the Dubai fountains.I found the taxis to be very cheap and as for not 'showing skin' I saw some women tourists in the malls dressed in a very provocative way.I look forward to visiting Dubai again when these difficult times are behind us.By the way I love your accent and the friendly way that you speak.I have subscribed and will look at more of your videos.Thanks for posting.

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