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Dublin Travel Guide

Our information to Dublin, Eire! Study the secrets and techniques to this excellent metropolis, together with the most cost effective and quickest solution to get in from the airport, one of the best locations to eat, how a lot issues price, and the place to get one of the best pint of Guinness in Dublin! Extra….

Apps we point out:
Google Maps –
Uber –
Transport for Eire Journey Planner –

The place we ate:
Winding Stair –
Mulligan’s –
The Porterhouse –
Eddie Rocket’s –
Herb Avenue –

The place we stayed:
The Spencer Lodge –


35 thoughts on “Dublin Journey Information

  1. Robert Studdert says:

    Why do Americans be amazed at the fact Ireland uses the euro Ireland is part of the European Union and never used British pound we did use punt also known as Irish pounds. Which always had a different value to the British pound

  2. Ellen Wijoyo says:

    Hi Iam going to Ireland next month, i have 8 days and I am going to Dublin, cliff of Moher, Killkenny,Cork. Could u suggest whats card I should buy for transportation? Because we are going with bus and train ( not driving ), is there any train pass for tourist could cover all trip? Thx

  3. david lair says:

    Ireland will have a border .not because of br exit but because Irish republic open door policy all illegals now know just turn up at any Irish port claim asylum you will be welcomed minimum security check if any. Result Isis and Muslim brotherhood rampant. Sharia law a given. Ireland is going. Welcome to irelandistan

  4. Raymond Dixon says:

    Don't think the Dart line was mentioned. It's the most scenic of the light rail lines. it goes right round the coast. The 2 Luas lines, Dart LIne and Train Lines are all now interconnected.

  5. Stephen Corbally. says:

    We now have a Luas tram Cross-City Connection. We can now get from green line , too red line by cross city Luas. And there going ahead with Luas tram Metropolitan underground to Dublin Airport. And this presenter was showing you the more Expensive parts of Dublin. Lots of the pubs do.the 3euro for a point of the black stuff. On the holy hour. And there are much cheaper cafe' , everywhere. Not everything is that Exspensive. Stephen Corbally aka #SteO on Facebook in Dublin. Come on over. You will not be disappointed.

  6. Bran Bran says:

    I am subscribed Attache 3 years ago on my 1st international trip to Singapore for a month of training.. I thank Mr. Hunter for the tip. Have more blessings to come Mr. Hunter so that you can travel around the globe

  7. Lina Vaz says:

    Good morning brother I need a help from you I have a Portugal passport I need any documents to show on airport I have my ticket from abu Dhabi to Dublin ; Dublin to Portugal pls can you help me out Leena my email address is Leena

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