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Journey video about vacation spot Ethiopia.
Ethiopia is a mysterious, mountainous land within the Horn Of Africa and birthplace of Early Christianity. A rustic of rock church buildings within the north and a big number of tribes alongside the Rift Valley within the south and the oldest civilised area in Africa with greater than twenty 5 centuries of documented historical past. Addis Abeba is the capital of Ethiopia and inside its centre is the lavishly furnished Menbere Selassie Church, ultimate place of remainder of Ethiopia’s final royal household. It comprises the Empress Menen, two princes and Emperor Haile Selassie who, shortly after removing from energy, died because of causes which can be in the principle controversial. On lots of its thirty seven islands, Lake Tana in Northern Ethiopia is well-known for its historic church buildings and monasteries. Dega Stefanos is situated within the centre of the lake and comprises one of many nation’s most necessary monasteries. On the summit, framed by partitions and hidden underneath nice bushes, is the Holy Stefanos Monastery and inside a small sanctuary varied mummies are preserved inside glazed wood coffins and the stays of 5 emperors of varied dynasties lie at relaxation. Awash is a settlement on the sting of the character park of the identical identify, inhabited by the Afar, a proud and impartial tribe. On market day, folks from the encompassing space meet right here. For the Afar, life is difficult and solely the sturdy survive. Corn, tobacco, dates and cotton are the principle buying and selling merchandise of this area. Dromedaries, sheep and goats are bred, and pastureland is usually the topic of heated disputes. A journey via Ethiopia can be a journey via time itself. A land of wealthy traditions, religions and myths. A rustic of legends and distinction that possesses some of the vibrant histories on the African continent.

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29 thoughts on “Ethiopia Trip Journey Video Information

  1. PAUL HANSFORD says:

    The Aksum Empire. WOW. Start spreading the news. No more telling lies. Because the US and The Europeans fo not tell the truth about the craddle of civilization which begun IN AFRICA instead you told bunch of lies. Read the Bible. Read the Bible. Wy before the Ronab Empire existed.. . ABBI..SHM.



  3. teshome Debebe says:

    What are talking? Ethiopians have their own alphabet before Europe. We have the oldest gospel written in 4nth century by Abba gerima(the oldest ever written gospel in the world)

  4. My life My story says:

    The very sad thing about we humans is we are all going to our destruction because it is clearly mentioned in the holy bible or holy Koran we cannot change it unfortunately because we always follow the things we want not the things we need if we follow the things we need we could have been saved what we need is love which is God (Allah) because the biggest gift of God to us was his son (jesus) not natural resources because we don't accept that gift we kill each other not knowing what we kill is the child of God

  5. miley home cooking says:

    I don't see no black there where is they at in the picture hang you have ever one white in all the painting you no you or not telling the truth you or lair tell it just like it is really is no one was white.

  6. veoma Maples says:

    And. Being A Christian
    Is Not For The Chosen ppl Of The Most High God ! Idol Worship Is Forbidden …}
    Because Their Is No Such Thing As A So Called Christian Nor Christ , The Chosen ppl Of Israel Have Been Lied To : You Are The Children Of The Holy One Of Israel : Their Is None Other : That Comes Before Almighty God : Nor After God : This jesus Character Comes From The Bloodline Of The Wicked ; And He Cannot Be On The Same Level As The Holy One Of Israel :
    Yes Almighty God :
    Does Have A Son ;
    His Name Is The Devil
    That Old Wicked Serpent ! Is The Son Of The Most High God :
    The Devil & His Son's & Daughters Have Told So Many Lies Throughout Thee Earth :
    From Hatement Against The Most High God & And God"s Chosen ppl , The Wicked Are Deceivers In Thee Earth : You Cannot Believe Anything That The Wicked Says Or Does
    The Wicked"s Fake Idol
    Jesus Shall Be Tore Down , & Shredded ;
    It's All Idol Worship :

  7. Sangoma Sangoma says:

    Christianity came to Ethiopia,very long ago- it came to Ethiopia,from Palestine,directly _ through the Nile valley_just as it was spreading in Europe, maybe before!Ethiopia has very old,and ancient heritage,independent from anyone else,this video does not give them credit for that!

  8. ermias tilahun says:

    You have some wrong information about our history. We are built our church we have historical alphabet too even we have many historical things compared to Europe. Please read old Ethiopian history and bibile.

  9. Luckmia Joseph says:

    This guy just said the cross of the Greeks 😂😂 I am over taken by the level of ignorance and misogyny. I hope that a young African in search of truth does thorough research as the Europeans have continuously interjected many conspiracies and ideologies of the African continent and it’s people. ETHIOPIA NEVER CONQUERED BY any European “so called Kingdom” but this doesn’t mean they have not tried to come in and change things in some way. Caroline Ludwig stated how the Ethiopians had to run them out when the Roman Jesuits came in and started changing the paintings of the biblical figures on the monuments to appear more European than primitive Ethiopians!

  10. Alexander Tessema says:

    Thank you for your great video of my beloved ETHIOPIA along with your great narration. Yes, Ethiopia has both the earthly and the unearthly, the earthly and the heavenly. Weather be it the Danakil Depression (an active ETHIOPIAN VOLCANIC SITE) a Jewel for for the Geologist or "LUCY" and 'ARDI" the OLDEST human follicle on earth, a jewel for the Archeologist or Holy LALIBELA a Jewel for the Christian Believer of Mighty God Christ, BLESSED ETHIOPIA HAS IT ALL.. HOLY LALIBELA is located in Wollo – THE AMHARA region of ETHIOPIA. The place and the people are so holy, so lovely, so spiritual, so humble and so serene, so tranquil and peaceful. Where God and His people are, there is always a PEACE, for our Savior is the PRINCE OF PEACE. The ONLY Orthodox Christian Church where you need to take off your Sandals as Moses did in Mt Sinai at the Burning of the Bush before you stand in the Awe of Mighty God. Where God and His people are, there is always a PEACE, for our Savior is the PRINCE OF PEACE. Mighty God Himself through the mouth of His own prophet Moses said: "AND THE SECOND RIVER IS CALLED GHION AND IT FLOWS THROUGH OUT THE LAND OF ETHIOPIA" (Genesis 2:13). God Himself established and formed as well as recognized our geographical and national boundaries before any of the 200 other nations of the world were let alone formed but even contemplated. His great prophet and mighty King David also said: ""ETHIOPIA SHALL STRECH HER HANDS UNTO GOD" (Psalm 68).  As prophesized from time immemorial, She did, she does and she will always stretch her hands unto God. This is the Land of the Most Faithful to God, Beautiful, Exotic and Rich, Legendary Queen of Sheba (1 Kings: 10: 1-13) and Queen of Candace of Ethiopia and of the Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8: 26-40). This is the Land of the Magi (Wise men of the East) of the Ethiopian King Balthazar who followed a BRIGHT STAR in the heavens and traveled from Ethiopia all the way to Bethlehem, Israel (3000 miles) and Bowed and Offered as a Royal Gifts a Rich Ethiopian Frankincense most fitting to the Newly Born King of Kings, Our Savior Jesus Christ. LALIBELA is a HOLY LAND for the Holy People of Mighty God – ETHIOPIA where Mighty Kings become Holy Men and Saints of God and they build a town called LALIBELA (NEW JERUSALEM) and out of their highest mountains they carved 11 Rock Hewn MONOLITHIC ORTHODOX TEWAHIDO CHURCHES to Glorify His HOLY NAME to the highest. Our Enemies have come and gone like the winds of the fields and yet, we are still here magnifying His Holy name and we Stand TALL in our own highest mountains drinking the very same water that the first humans (Adam and Eve) drunk from our MIGHTY GHION (BLUE NILE) River and we have been doing this for over 7512 years. Come and SEE for yourself and explore BLESSED ETHIOPIA. May God Bless HOLY ETHIOPIA for Ever! May God Bless all Humanity and the World at Large.

  11. Hans Solo says:

    after the famine in ethiopia, i cant get the horrific visuals outta my head. The fact that the rich world let that happen was the worst experience in my lifetime. I just cant look at ethiopia the same way again.

  12. rita genet says:

    Don't destoret our history lalibela build by Ethiopian king kidus lalibela by our ancestors and we proud of it,don't try to come up stupid white superim involve That's so funny u still think for every civilization u put white man. Don't forget we are not colonized.
    Ethiopian history for Ethiopian and make by Ethiopian (Ethiopian history matters ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾)💚💛❤

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