Germany (Europe) Trip Journey Video Information

Germany (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Journey video about vacation spot Germany.
Germany is located in the midst of Europe and is a land of numerous tradition and custom, from Bavarian homeliness within the south, and mediaeval splendour inside its centre, to its flourishing way of life within the east and huge business cities within the north, it’s a nation which extends from the Alps to the North Sea. The episcopal metropolis of Passau nestles between hills on the confluence of the Danube, Inn and Ilz. Excessive above the rivers and strategically perched on a rock is the fortress complicated of Veste Oberhaus, imposing and impregnable. The salt commerce enriched the city and Italian baroque masters had been allowed to create the cityscape of the historic outdated city. Starting in Würzburg On The Foremost, the Romantic Highway results in varied well-known historic cities, castles and palaces. Between 1642 and the center of the eighteenth century, three prince-bishops gave the town its Baroque structure and likewise the fortress often called The Residence. Nuremberg is the ‘secret capital’ of German Franconia and ‘treasure trove of the German Reich’, the epitome of German romanticism and custom with a protracted historical past and likewise bitter reminiscences of fairly current instances. An Imperial Metropolis which certainly grew to become the Metropolis Of Celebration Rallies however which has by no means misplaced its benevolent spirit. Dresden is the capital of the German free state of Saxony, a serious centre of tradition with a outstanding historical past. Though virtually utterly destroyed on the finish of the Second World Conflict and for a few years hidden behind the Iron Curtain, at present the town shines out in all of its former splendour. Hamburg is a vigorous metropolis within the north of Germany and for a lot of centuries was a gateway to the world and a murals with many various faces. Annually on the seventh of Could, Harbour Birthday is well known when individuals from all around the world collect inside the varied galleries of the touchdown levels to have fun an enormous competition. With its tradition and plenty of numerous and delightful landscapes, Germany is now one of the vital standard vacationer locations in Europe.

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47 thoughts on “Germany (Europe) Trip Journey Video Information

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  2. supriya chaudhury says:

    I am from India. I have been watching amazing videos made by Expoza for a long time. This video made on Germany is simply excellent… Germany is one of favorite destinations and would like to visit o e day. Thanks to Expoza for making such detailed, instructive, informative videos, please keep it up and all the best.

  3. Andrew T says:

    Just a note for me the list the cities I saw in the video.

    Mainau, Ulm, Regensburg, Wallhallia, Passau, Weltenburg, Konigssee, Romantische Strasse, Dinkelsbuhl, Donauworth, Augsburg…

  4. yarmo28 says:

    The video makes one want to see these wonderful places. The accompanying monologue is a disaster of mispronunciation and misinformation, e. g. the Meissen symbol is not and never was 'knives'. "In order to identify the original Meissen products, Meissen developed markings that initially were painted on, but were soon fired in underglaze blue. Early markings such as AR (Augustus Rex, the monogram of the King), K.P.M. (Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur), M.P.M. (Meissener Porzellan-Manufaktur), and K.P.F. ("Königliche Porzellan-Fabrik) were eventually replaced by the crossed swords logo, based on the arms of the Elector of Saxony as Arch-Marshal of the Holy Roman Empire. Introduced in 1720, the logo was used consistently after 1731 by official decree." In German, the term is 'Schwerter', e. g. "Neben dem gekreuzten Schwerterpaar waren bis etwa 1730 auch handgemalte Buchstabenfolgen üblich, wie zum Beispiel K.P.M. für „Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur“, M.P.M. für „Meissener Porzellan-Manufaktur“ oder K.P.F. für „Königliche Porzellan-Fabrik“.

  5. 岡田茂吉 Mokichi Okada says:

    We Japanese love Germany and Germans very much. Germany and Germans are great.We Japanese are proud that Germany and Japan were allies. Japan will continue to protect Germany in the future.We always buy German products. That is to help Germany.
    We Japanese always wish for the happiness of Germany and Germans. We Japanese wish for the eternal peace and prosperity of Germany.Japan is always the friend of Germany. Japan always protects Germany.Germany and Germans are the most wonderful in the world.When making the Japanese constitution in the Meiji era, japanese made it with reference to the German constitution. japanese also made medical science with reference to Germany. Because I admitted that Germany was the best in the world from that time. Even now the doctor has a person who writes the Karte in German. We are always thankful to the great Germany and Germans. For example, a car is. The car that runs the most in Japan is a German car. Japanese Prime Minister told the Japanese Emperor that Germany and Germans absolutely can trust when we form an alliance with Germany in World War II. We Japanese want to completely eliminate the hatred from the country of the world to Germany.

  6. C'est moi says:

    Enjoyed this video very much. Grew up in Germany and lived there for 18 years but this video shows how many places I missed. On my last visit, Dresden is the place that impressed and "awed" me the most. Wars are never nice and to me the destruction of Dresden follows close after the concentration camps for which we find no justification after mankind comes back to its senses.

  7. Aquarius1011 says:

    I thought there was something different about this video, compared to the many other Expoza Travel videos I've seen.
    No adverts, no subscribe pop-ups at the top left. Gee, amazing!
    That's Germany for you. 🙂

  8. lowgrasswhite says:

    Anyone else bothered by the fact that about 5 hours worth of quality material was crammed into 2 second shots, with a new topic starting every 6 seconds? Why not make more episodes of Germany instead of rushing the whole thing, and skimming over all this beautiful (and presumably interesting) stuff? Here i am after having watched this travel documentary, and instead of feeling like i've seen what Germany has to offer, my head is filled to the brim with random images that i can't connect to any tangible information.

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