How To Do The Swiss Alps | 2019 Journey Information | Jungfrau Area

How To Do The Swiss Alps | 2019 Travel Guide | Jungfrau Region

We spent 7 days exploring the Swiss Alps as a household and it was past something I may have imagined. We tried to collect collectively our greatest practices and share any element which may assist as you propose your journey to the Jungfrau area. For those who favored this video, be sure to subscribe to get extra journey guides.

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Iz Harris is a full-time author and filmmaker centered on sharing tales concerning the stunning & the laborious. For the previous 4 years, she, her husband, and two children have travelled the globe and have shared their adventures. Along with touring the globe, Iz is an outspoken advocate for human rights and psychological well being consciousness. She pulls from her personal life expertise as a mom of a kid with particular wants and advocates for a kinder, extra accepting world.

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22 thoughts on “How To Do The Swiss Alps | 2019 Journey Information | Jungfrau Area

  1. Cody Wanner says:

    Oh my goodness. I hate commenting on your videos because there is so much to talk about. I can’t write a book on this one. So just, that reservoir water!? WHAT?

    Ok but last thing why isn’t this sponsored. This vid will crack a million over its lifetime. All the brands missed out. All of them.

  2. Elizabeth nilsson says:

    sweet heart we are so many here in Europe who never get there at all of one or the other reason. I been in Switzerland but only Geneva and Zurich and only seen the Alpine and the Mont Blanc, from the plane when on the way to Rome… and even than from the plane it looked like some here in the videos righteously said about Switz Alps and it's most TRUE: that – THE SWITZ ALPS IS A SHUT OF GOD GLORY..! … and SO IT IS.! so I felt myself when I could see it. JUST SO MAJESTIC and PROTECTIVE THIS MOUNTAINS ARE.

  3. El Z says:

    This video gave me the first plan of my tour in Jungfrau and now I'm in Wengen! I hiked the exactly same way from Mürren to Winteregg yesterday.

  4. Michał Lewandowski says:

    Hi, I heard that flying a drone in Lauterbrunnen Valley is prohibited. Did you have some kind of pass or you really does not need it? How did you find spot to fly a drone in Switzerland? I experienced that people here are very insecure (probably really worried about their privacy) and in Zurich and outskirts of Zurich I did not find any great spot (apart from one at the lake). Could you recommend sth guys?

  5. m.mohsen zadekamand says:

    This video was so inspiring from a family point of view and I do admire you and your husband's effort for doing such a long nature trip with your children. Good job. I had a question! How did you really managed your children in those steep walking paths?

  6. John Bailey says:

    When I liked the Swiss Alps, this summer most lodging, alpine cabanes and small village hotels, gave us a 24 hour pass to the local transportation system. Does anyone know if any or most similar lodging in the Jungfrau region provide similar passes? And yes, Switzerland is kind of expensive. Eating at restaurants are VERY expensive!

  7. Marianne Haudenschild says:

    And there are so much more incredible places in Switzerland. Literally every Canton is unique and has to offer something different. Even tough it‘s a small country, you could spent there a long amount of time and wouldn’t‘t get tired, believe me!

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