The right way to journey Colombia in 2020: Colombia Journey Ideas (Medellin Journey Information)

How to travel Colombia in 2020: Colombia Travel Tips (Medellin Travel Guide)

The right way to journey Colombia: Colombia Journey Ideas ( Medellin Journey Information)
touring to Medellin Colombia ? on this video I present you the way to plan your Colombia journey by providing you with some very helpful Colombia journey ideas that is Colombia journey information.

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22 thoughts on “The right way to journey Colombia in 2020: Colombia Journey Ideas (Medellin Journey Information)

  1. iTravels Abroad says:

    Good info in the video. It would be contrary to real if I didn't give you a like for this. I've never seen anyone take the bus route from the airport so thats something new and much appreciated. Does that bus first stop in San Diego, or are there stops in between? My issue would be putting my luggage on the back and other people getting on and off at different times. Also, does it ever get super packed on that specific bus?

    Bus was less than $4
    Cab only cost you $1.60 at the current exchange rate, crazy.

    Question, how much is the apartment? I didn't hear you mention

  2. CheckYourPremises says:

    What the fook is going on with that stupid PCR test requirement? I am not sure I understand. They require you take the test 96 hours before your arrival? What if the result is not ready before your flight?

  3. Nick Benjamin says:

    A little tip for the covid pcr test. The girl who did my test said if you can take the test on a Monday you have a better chance of getting the results quicker. Testing on the weekend can potentially slow the result times. I know everyone doesn't have that luxury depending on when your flight departs, just throwing it out there. I took my test on Monday and got the results today which is Wednesday. Hope this helps…..God bless

  4. Alvaro Pena says:

    So it's a bit confusing how you're saying things.
    Does the PCR test have to been taken within 96 hours prior to travel, or do the test results have to be negative within 96 hours prior to travel? Do you see the difference?
    If i take a test 5 days prior to traveling and the results come back negative two days prior to traveling, am i good to travel or not?? Please clarity, feel free to use crayons if needed. Thanks!

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