Kiteboarding Journey Information: Tarifa Spain: Locations Ep 05

Kiteboarding Travel Guide: Tarifa Spain: Destinations Ep 05

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Kite Drone filmed by: Axel Gideon

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Is there something fairly like the sensation of cresting a hill and catching a glimpse of kites within the air as you strategy a kite spot for the primary time? That first thought… “It’s windy!!!” and the constructing pleasure as you get nearer and nearer to the kite seashore? It is a kite spot most of us have heard of and one many people dream of at some point driving… it’s the kiteboarding mecha of Europe: Tarifa, Spain.

For these of us who’ve solely skilled kite spots in North America or the Caribbean, this can be a fully new world. Tarifa has a wealthy and vibrant historical past that may enchant each kiteboarders and non-kiteboarders. This metropolis bought its title practically a thousand years earlier than America was even settled… and it’s been a wild trip ever since! In modern-day, it’s ripping winds make this spot a wind lovers dream.

Created by Crystal Veness and Ryan (Rygo) Goloversic

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10 thoughts on “Kiteboarding Journey Information: Tarifa Spain: Locations Ep 05

  1. Edge 1664 says:

    I have been going to Tarifa for about 20 yrs. It takes nearly 2 days driving from the UK but is well worth the trip. A couple of things you missed on your guide. One of the nearest airports is Gibraltar and you didn't mention the campsites, several of which are right on the beach. A good budget option .

  2. Juliusz Nowakowicz says:

    The summer does have warmer days and more of Levante but it's not a thermal wind. Levante in tarifa is a live giving, strong as a motherf#$@* wind that grabs you hard and let's you fly high, it blast sand over your body like a thousand needless and make you crazy if you're not using it for sports. In tarifa poniente is the thermal wind direction.

  3. Ertan Dogrultan says:

    I really like these series. Keep it up!

    Some feedback, please don't blur the screen and point to the link on the top right corner. It doesn't point to anything on the phone or on TV and blurry screen makes the experience uncomfortable. I've also noticed that in some videos the data visualizations do not really fit the narrative well. Moreover, in some cases additional dollar signs seem to represent cheaper which is confusing.

    Looking forward to the next episode. Cheers!

  4. jaypetter says:

    Thanks!! Love your reviews, super useful! Tarifa will be my next destination!
    My newest kite is from mackiteboarding, I recommend you to visit their webshop, great tips and awesome service from the staff!!

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