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Our Los Angeles journey information! An enormous information for a giant metropolis, Los Angeles is actually inspiring. As a local of California, I’m delighted to share Los Angeles with you. P.S. Be sure you watch to the very finish for somewhat shock…

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We went full Hollywood for our information to Los Angeles. The meals, the tales, the tradition, we dip into all of it. Los Angeles has so many angles, concepts, layers that it’s laborious to do it justice however we need to present you at the very least a few of what makes Los Angeles such a compelling metropolis.

Due to our associates at Six Style for taking us on our Koreatown meals journey –

LA Hood Life Excursions confirmed us a aspect of Los Angeles not often seen by vacationers

How we movie our journey guides –


25 thoughts on “Los Angeles Journey Information

  1. Syklon says:

    Love your channel, but I do find myself thinking that it's highly offensive and rude the continuous use of "America", which is a continent not a country. I can let go the use of the word "American" since there isn't another word for it, but you can call the country USA, US, United States, States, you name it. Still love your channel, but since you were talking about offending other people and cultures sensitivities, I had to comment on that.

  2. Kevin Hill says:

    Hi: I'm Kevin Hill: Attache and, in particular, Alex Hunter, are rapidly becoming my current heroes: I have watched all the (to date), Attache videos on You Tube at least once (though many more times for the places I have visited, which is strange, but true – but they are so ahead of most other travel vlogs, etcetera, that I have watched, I just keep coming back and watching again and again!) Alex Hunter just knows how to draw you in and make you feel comfortable and invited to where ever he is in the World and, most importantly, makes you want to visit whichever place he is in, even if it is a place you have never thought of visiting, never intended to go to, etcetera. A difficult feat to pull off, but he does it with consummate skill. My only problem with these videos is that I always come away feeling terribly hungry: how does he do that, I wonder? As always, already looking forward to the next instalment. Here is to Alex and the team for, as so many people say on You Tube, are the best travel videos around, bar none. Thank you: I'm Kevin Hill: I reside in England, in the United Kingdom

  3. Jonathan Partridge says:

    “You need to know why you’re here otherwise LA …. will swallow you up”! Too true, that’s exactly what I didn't know when I naively booked a completely spontaneous trip there once about 15 years ago. Boy was I out of my depth in every single way, even as a long term resident of London. I was overwhelmed by its vastness and lack of a coherent public transport system. HOWEVER, on more than one occasion I was the recipient of incredible kindness, trust and generosity from local residents who took pity on this lost English soul and pointed me in the right direction. Moments where I REALLY needed help. That is what Los Angeles means to me. Good, good people.

  4. Jesse Jimenez says:

    I know it’s Impossible to cover everything LA has to offer. But people should know, what’s covered here is probably not even 2% of what LA has to offer. Don’t buy the hype. LA is an amazing city. Especially the food culture. I’m so glad I live in LA. Downey, CA is where I’m from and we have amazing Cuban food places! Try Porto’s or Tropicana’s.

  5. Roman Gastelum says:

    To clarify.. . LA County is made up of 88 cities, with the City of LA (obviously) being the largest out of those cities. The City of LA is only about 460 Sq/mi, not to be confused with the entirety of Greater LA Metro Area which is comprised of 4-5 different counties which includes LA county. The metro system works well in the city and will be the second most extensive in the country by 2028 after NYC. You can already pretty much reach all of the tourist attractions within the city via metro rail or BRT.

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