Mexico Metropolis Journey Information

Mexico City Travel Guide

Our Mexico Metropolis Journey Information! This glorious metropolis is actually the star of 1 our greatest episodes ever.

I’ve by no means fallen in love with a metropolis fairly as rapidly as I fell in love with Mexico Metropolis. The Mexican capital is all the things I need in a metropolis; sprawling, loud, thrilling, inventive, pleasant, and completely scrumptious.

Our Mexico Metropolis information is considered one of our longest episodes ever and I really feel each second is justified as this metropolis has a lot to supply. The meals part alone is packed filled with deliciousness – do not watch on an empty abdomen!

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28 thoughts on “Mexico Metropolis Journey Information

  1. George Blakky says:

    Hello. My name is George and I'm from L.A. California. I send packages from USA to Ecuador Mexico Jamaica and Europe. If you want to send anything to your friends and loved ones, I'm your guy. If intrested write me up or DM me on WhatsApp +18016246758 Stay safe guys!

  2. Noble Wolf says:

    I love Mexico so much! Although I never been to MXC I will one day! But in all seriousness, I do want Mexico to recover completely from the cancer is tainted by (Cartels )

  3. Giselleximena Cazarez says:

    I’m from TIJUANA MEXICO, never been in MEXICO CITY, and after watching your video , I can’t wait to see this amazing city , thank you so much for sharing it and bienvenido a MI MEXICO LINDO Y QUERIDO!!!

  4. Supernova says:

    I absolutely loved this travel guide! Sadly, I lived in Texas for about 20 years and never set foot in Mexico. now, that I moved to the northeast of the country I feel nostalgic to my southern people. I miss my Tex Mex food the most and I suddenly feel like I have to visit Mexico. What a lovely place!

  5. shine says:

    it takes a White man to go around the world and painstakingly and patiently share goodness and bad of everything in a beautiful way /But forget it ,,we know what the press writes about West ,if only the West did not invent electricity ,printing and penicillin ,wheels and airtravel post and telegraph and the TV and computer …………….which is used by all and now used to trash them ,,The least racist country on earth USA ..

  6. Ally A. says:

    Great video, thank you so much! I’ve been considering taking a trip there once the pandemic clears up and this video just gave me the push I needed. Not sure how but it made me fall in love with a city that I haven’t been to yet!

  7. Ally A. says:

    Great video, thank you so much! I’ve been considering taking a trip there once the pandemic clears up and this video just gave me the push I needed. I’m excited now!!

  8. Reyes Oliver says:

    Espero que en tu estadía en mexico 🇲🇽 fue bien tanto gastronómico, histórico, cultural, seguridad, etc ,etc y gracias 🙏 por desir algo real no que la tv 📺 sólo vende falsedades I like your video and your country is amazing too usa is igual to Mexico 🇲🇽

  9. zdaniel says:

    I've been to Cuba and to Dom. Republic too…. Mexico is much better by
    far: more developed, with better roads, better infrastructure, lots of
    amazing restaurants and much richer!

  10. Moksha Mantra says:

    Very nice content , My husband is mexican so proud to be married to him , I am Indian … They are wonderfully accepting and loving no matter where you are from … Lovely culture , food and so colourful… However i noticed @ 0.53 seconds into the video you saying: border crossing from Mexico into America. Mexico is in America , North America to be precise and the whole continent is America so the right way should be boreder crossing from Mexico into the United States 🙂

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