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Monterey – The coastal Californian metropolis will impress vacationers with its pure magnificence and wealthy historical past. Take a look at these prime locations to go to in Monterey and begin planning a visit of your individual!

Take a look at all of the locations we visited on this video:

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From the arrival of the Spanish in 1770 to the formation of California’s first structure, #Monterey has lengthy been the setting of nice adventures. Whalers as soon as scoured Monterey’s horizons for passing leviathans; fishermen as soon as hauled in billions of sardines annually, and writers and artists crammed notebooks and journals with concepts and observations gleaned from the characters and atmosphere of those magical shores.

At this time’s Monterey evokes greater than ever; it’s a #trip haven for households craving to reconnect with nature’s wild wonders, and an escape for dreamers trying to find inspiration and that means in our fast-paced world. We hope this video evokes you to #tour the most effective sights and set sail by yourself Monterey journey.

For now, we hope you get pleasure from watching this #journey #information as a lot as we loved making it.

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26 thoughts on “Monterey Trip Journey Information | Expedia

  1. Tygerlady99 says:

    My dad was in the military and I lived there in the 60s – in Seaside and Fort Ord. It looked nothing like this. They have really made it lovely. I plan on revisiting Monterey and taking in its beauty one day.

  2. Victor Andrade Suriano says:

    This city it's super dangerous do not go there under any reason . If u must make sure you check the security cameras are fully working and you must demand to have a preview of the security procedures of people who go in and out of the h9tel. Under no circumstances stay in a bed and breakfast or an airbnb. These place have a bizarre user term agreements that DISMISSES ANY RESPONSIBILITY FROM THE OWNERS PART IF YOU EXPERIENCE A CRIME ACTIVITY. CHECK WITH THE POLICE FOR AN ACTUAL CRIME REPORT. I can assure you they will not have it and will try to give you numbers from 2 years ago. Don't claim later that y9u were not adviced about the crime problem. This place isn't what it was 5 years ago. Safe travel!

  3. Jay MacDonald says:

    This is a Nostradamus prediction about Paul Ericson and the women of Monterey. Century V, Quatrain 60;" By the shaven head a very bad choice will come to be made. Overburdened he will not pass the gate. He will speak with such great fury and rage. That to fire and blood he will cosign the entire sex."

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