Osaka Journey Information | One Day Plan for Freshmen

Osaka Travel Guide | One Day Plan for Beginners

It is a Journey Information on What to do in Osaka for Freshmen. We take a look at all of the issues you are able to do in Osaka Japan in One Full Day.

Ueshima – Kushikatsu Restaurant

Hatsuse – Okonomiyaki Restaurant

Kuromon Ichiba Market

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47 thoughts on “Osaka Journey Information | One Day Plan for Freshmen

  1. Dr. Green says:

    Ima help you get a million subscribers because your videos have well entertained me, I like your videos and everything about Japan makes me happy I shall make one of my goals in life to get you 1 MILLION subscribers I promise that! You are a good person Paolo and so is your wife and congrats on the baby, hope to get your those 1 mill by the time your baby is born 🙂

  2. Decoy Ex says:

    Hey Paolo, I'm wondering why are always pronouncing Osaka with the stress on the first "a" letter, while in Japanese, it's with the stress on "o". I'm not arguing, just wonder if that's another way, wouldn't it make Japanese citizens to correct you or something? Thank you.

  3. RunTo7thst says:

    This was probably the best video so far. I am going to Japan during January for my birthday and ive been trying to figure out what to do in Osaka. I'll most likely follow this list with some minor adjustments!

  4. Marco Pasini says:

    Funny thing is he's like struggling and dying inside until food come out. Then he's smiling like the most happy child in the world. Only God knows how much Paolo loves food
    Edit: and beer

  5. Bluuteeth says:

    I was in Osaka last week, in the exact same spot where you were at the zoo and my friends and I walked all the way to that tower in 36 degree weather! I totally felt your pain and we were sweating so much. I should’ve came during spring haha.

  6. Daniel Villamonte says:

    Grreat video. I really enjoy your travel guide videos, but i noticed that there is hardly any easy access for disable people to get tru with like with a wheelchair. Would be nice if you can show us something that covers this situation. Thanks paolo!

  7. ugowoundo says:

    If you're Nigerian and in Tokyo or Osaka please let me know, I could need some help on my 2 weeks vacation. I have avid interests in Japanese culture and history and what makes them very advanced in the tech industry.

  8. Abdul Fatah says:

    Hey Paolo! Been watching your vids on guide around Tokyo, its super helpful, i hope, hahaha. Anyway, i'll be going to Osaka for 4 days, well, 3 days actually cause the 4th day we'll be heading to Tokyo. The thing is, any recommendation of places for me and my friend to visit? 1 of the day we'll be going to USJ, another will be Dontonbori and so we're left with 1 free day.. would appreciate much with your help. Thanks!

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