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This can be a video journey information to Prague 2017.

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this Prague journey information 2017 covers all of the should see locations in Prague:
Charles Bridge
Karlova Rd.
Previous city sq.
The astronomical clock
Parizka st.
the Jewish qr.
St. James church
The Powder tower
Prague night time life
Petrin Hill
Mala Strana
St. Nicholas church
Strahov Library
Prague Fortress
Wallenstein backyard
The nationwide theatre
Kafka head
Louvre Cafe
Vaclav sq.

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47 thoughts on “PRAGUE TRAVEL GUIDE 2017

  1. Lucas Kamdom says:

    Yes indeed, Prague is a beautiful city and I think everyone should visit it: but like in many European cities it is very likely to get scammed. Don’t exchange money on the street as they will give you old money that ain’t worth anything, when you exchange money at a proper exchanger(which you must do, or you are sure to get scammed) make sure to check what it’s worth as a lot of them say they don’t charge commission and then they charge up to 42%, please share this comment and the video I attached, so people will only see the good side of Prague and they won’t have to face this, I recommend watching Honest guide, as he will guide you to not fall in those traps. The scammers might sound very friendly, so you trust them but then they scam you. (here is the video, they all get caught, and if you ever see one, ask them to exchange a low quantity and then keep the change so you can call the police(and of course if it is real cash(make sure to check) you can exchange more money) and here is another video so you dont get scammed at exchangers, make sure to always check what it’s worth.

  2. Kolybithro Xylo says:

    Σανσκριτικα पारग = Προφερεται Παραγα = Περασμα. Αγγλικα Crossing over. Αυτο ειναι το ονομα της Πραγας, που σημαινει περασμα της καθοδου των Σλαβων στην Ευρωπη.

  3. Ludwig Rebeethoven says:

    just came back from Prague. The city is very beautiful, like living in a fairytale. The buildings, the atmosphere, one of the best places i ve been.

    However, i would NEVER set foot again in Czech Republic. The reason? The Czechs…The most rude, inhospitable, ungrateful people i ve met, and i ve been to a dozen countries so far. And i am not saying that judging from one incident, it happened to a bar, to a restaurant, to a shop, in the street.

    From a friend that is working there for 2 years and other friends of his (even from a random guy i met in the plane who also works there!!!), i was told that they are a bit racists in general and seem like they envy foreigners (making much more money working in IT, economics etc..). And that, the same time half the city lives from tourism, such hypocrits.

    Honestly, we should all boycott them for a year or two and see what happens

  4. chevaliervalian says:

    You were doing great until you got to the part we have all been waiting for….shopping….how stupid. As if that is what is important in Prague or any other historically significant city is the shopping.

  5. Andrew Goldfinch says:

    You've completely missed Vysehrad, – you'd really like the place. It is one of the oldest settled places and former royal Castle. With a huge park where everyone can rest, an old church and a great view, its one of the must see places. A lot of Prague myths and legends is connected to this place including a hell hound, a headless knight and so on.

  6. David Svoboda says:

    I would show up more traditional czech cuisine than potatoes with French cheese. It has nothing to do with traditional Czech food. The same "Trdelnik" markets, it is definitely not typical Czech cake as it pretends to be. Then I would dive in another places which are nicer, less crowdy and not overpriced. Me as a tourist in any country I prefer to see country's inhibitants more than crowds of tourists in overpriced parts.

  7. Pavlovic Marko says:

    THE WORST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!! I have never met such a rude and impolite waiters/waitresses and any other workers. They are all in the mood "give us your money and get the fuck out of here" They do not want to help you when you are looking for sth. No matter which country you come from, these people simply hate tourists.

  8. TheShmoo123 says:

    Some information if you are thinking of walking in Prague. I just read a story in the news about some of the cobblestones in the streets of Prague being hewn from Jewish gravestones in the area. A man on his way to work in the 80,s had noticed a fresh pile waiting to be laid that day and noticed Hebrew letters on the side that would obviously be face down, so he took some and still has them today. The mans name is Leo Pavlat and he is the director of the Prague Jewish museum. There needs to be some kind of acknowledgment of this so people know what they are walking on.

  9. ES says:

    I was in prague 2013 for 3 nights while i was studying medicine in Poznan Poland , Prague is amazing city full of life and awesome food , architecture and beautiful people all around but unfortunately we didnt get to see all of it during our stay . Awesome video and great editing making me nostalgic to my good times in Europe before coming back to USA . keep up the good work !

  10. Samski says:

    Thank you for sharing! You are so skilled. I like to travel too:)I just shared my first ever movie – My travel diary in Queenstown. Eep!Would definitely cherish your opinions on my video/editing and so I can develop like you!

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