Saigon – Vietnam – an unreliable journey information to the Corona Virus Covid19, Half 1

Saigon - Vietnam - an unreliable travel guide to the Corona Virus Covid19, Part 1


I’ve headed again to Saigon to discover a metropolis that is responding nicely to the coronavirus. And whereas the world is trying on the unfold of the virus, Vietnam this week introduced all 16 of its declared instances to be recovered. Our time in Saigon was very good – town quieter with much less site visitors, fewer vacationers, much less air pollution and a welcome as heat as ever. On this unreliable journey information to the coronavirus Covid19, we have a look at a number of the points you might need to take into account as you propose your travels. Please word that the scenario is altering and also you must also examine in on the hottest data obtainable.


27 thoughts on “Saigon – Vietnam – an unreliable journey information to the Corona Virus Covid19, Half 1

  1. Lilly Tess says:

    My family has a trip to Vietnam in two weeks. I appreciate your information. I am still deciding whether to take my two children there. It's not the virus that's scary – it's the potential over-reaction.

  2. True South says:

    Thank you Mark for the report. I am heading to Vietnam next Saturday. This will be my second trip to this amazing country. I look forward to your report on Hoi An, as I will be spending a few days there as well. I understand there is a village 40 klms north of Hanoi that has been quarantined, but have you any news on Sapa, Ninh Binh or Phong Nha?
    If the tourist numbers are down, along with the pollution, then my trip should be a rather different experience to my first one (4 years ago). I will have to remember not to haggle so hard at the markets, and give the restaurants a decent tip. Grab a cyclo instead of walking,
    I know why Vietnam has dealt with this situation so well. It is the Vietnamese people and their industrious nature and their tenacious resolve. Vietnam is becoming my second favourite country.

  3. Ian James says:

    Another measured and level headed video Mark, really appreciate you taking the time to do this. Your comment on political leadership and social media with regards to ignoring scientific advice and propagating myths, at best, are also very welcome. I’m very much looking forward to arriving back in Vietnam next week, assuming UK travel advice doesn’t become disproportionate, and travelling for a few weeks in the country. I’ll do my bit to help local hostels and hotels and will no doubt find the legendary Vietnamese smile as welcoming as ever. Keep up the good work, best wishes.

  4. Kellie Squire says:

    Thankyou so much for this information. I have been trying to find out more about the situation there and in Cambodia as im travelling to these places at the beginning of April. This was most helpful. Plus you made me smile as im originally from WA and Fremantle was my favorite place to be. Cheers again

  5. Kar Armella says:

    I can say that Vietnam is doing a great job. I was able to get out of China on feb 2 on the last flight to Hanoi, by that time. I was put in quarantine straight away and health officials and policemen would come and check on me.
    I arrived to Santiago, Chile last Sunday. I had my temperature checked at the airport, and that was it I have self-isolated although I am missing work. Vietnam is such a great country. And I am sure they will all be alright. I think Australia is managing the situation quite well. Enjoy Vietnam and Pho!

  6. Eugene Knapik says:

    I spent 2 weeks in Hanoi, returning to Canada on February 19. I was told tourism is down some, but still Hanoi was still quite busy and vibrant and lots of tourists were out and about enjoying themselves. I noticed quite a few tourists wearing masks in the city, and I would say more locals were as well compared to my previous visit 2 years ago. The cathedral was closed to the public and I understand some museums were closed. At the Fine Arts Museum, visitors were asked to wear a mask. When I visited the Temple of Literature there were some busloads of tour groups visiting. Some people I spoke with expressed their concern, especially after some farming villages outside of Hanoi were quarantined. I heard that kids were off school.

    Overall, I felt the general concern for spread of the virus, but it was clear there was no outbreak in Hanoi during my time there, and it seemed to be a good time to visit a fantastic city.

  7. Ucnamuc says:

    I was in Hoi An during SARS…. There was only about 6 tourists in town…. I was the only guest in my hotel for days…felt sorry for locals ( loss of income)… I really enjoyed my stay

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