San Francisco Journey Information

San Francisco Travel Guide

Our San Francisco journey information! On this food-heavy episode of Attaché we showcase one of the best the Bay Space has to supply in meals, beer, transport and cash. Particular Friends embody Matt Galligan and Kenji López-Alt!

Locations we visited:
Metropolis Beer Retailer –
Pal’s Take away

Folks We Talked to:
Kenji López-Alt –
Matt Galligan –

Apps we point out:
Lyft –
Uber –

Foreign money conversion device:

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38 thoughts on “San Francisco Journey Information

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  2. Mind Blown says:

    I literally just POSTED a video about Walking on San Francisco Bridge POV STYLE. Please support me and have a look. Guys if you have never been there you should definitely try it. It's a once in a lifetime bucket list things to do. If you don't feel like you're in there, I'll give you $5 just for your time.

  3. merlinman44 says:

    Excellent and informative thanks 😊 can't wait to visit there next Spring 😀. I have been twice before but I was a lot younger and had hair 😀. The tipping tip was invaluable I often struggle with that. I'm going to subscribe to your channel as this was one of the best reviews tutorials whatever you want to call it 😊

  4. Lee Roden says:

    And if you're really really really lucky you may see someone shitting on the street or get to step over a passed out homeless person, just like the locals do !

  5. Joseph Dawson says:

    This channel is fantastic, It really helped me plan my trip to New York City, and now next year I'm travelling around The American Mid West and West Coast, a video on Las Vegas would be great 🙂

  6. Lee Davison says:

    San Francisco is the most beautiful city on earth. I lived in the east bay in Alameda for 13 years. I will say San Francisco has a tempo all of it's own with the Golden Gate bridge, the bay bridge, the Kiot Tower honoring all of the San Francisco firemen that lost their lives in the many disasters that San Francisco has encountered through its history. The only city with a rolling national monument namely the cable car system. To the locals it's just part of transit system but to the visitors it's a one of a kind experience. I visited San Francisco quite often I know every street, every hill and then some. The city where you can climb a street since some of the sidewalks are steps. Due to a corporate move I moved to San Diego. Every time I see a Trans America ad I say I really miss that sky line. I really love that city. Scott McKenzie recorded a great song about San Franciscoback in the 1960s. Tune it in on You Tube and give it a listen it's a beautiful song. San Francisco is such a beautiful city with so very many Victorian buildings throughout the city with lots of decorative trim on them. Golden Gate park is a great attraction along with the zoo. I do the same as the locals when they call it Frisco I say don't call it Frisco. Call it San Francisco the respect it deserves. Respectively.

  7. Mary Currin says:

    While I appreciate your advocating in favor of tipping, I really disagree about your “generous tip”. I live close to the poverty line, but I don’t eat out unless I can afford to tip AT LEAST 20%. An extra $1 (or $5-$10, if you are eating fancy) is a small amount to offer in a tip, but makes a big difference to your server, who will be touched by the acknowledgement, ESPECIALLY if they blundered and you did not receive their best service. Why not bring a smile to someone’s heart, even if you won’t actually get to see their gratitude bc you will be on to your next adventure by the time they get your tip? If the waiter seems to have been deliberately rude or neglectful, I may tip as low as 15%. I feel that any self respecting human who is being served by another will not tip below 15%. Maybe that server is having one of their worst days and you just made it better by not punishing them when they know they might have deserved it. 💖

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