Santa Cruz Journey Information

Santa Cruz Travel Guide

A journey information for visiting Santa Cruz in California. Every thing YOU must know BEFORE you go to Santa Cruz together with some fundamental details about Santa Cruz, and the foremost sights in Santa Cruz together with the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, Santa Cruz Wharf, Santa Cruz Essential Seaside, Thriller Spot, Redwood Bushes, Capitola by the Sea, and Downtown Santa Cruz.


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49 thoughts on “Santa Cruz Journey Information

  1. TimberWolvesX X says:

    I went fishing off that pier and caught a couple of flounders.
    The city itself I found a bit meh. Seems to be stuck in a drug haze from the 70's.
    Talked to a few homeless people, they were nice and had a few stories.
    The more affluent locals seemed unwelcoming.

  2. Shelley C says:

    I live just north in the Santa Cruz mountains. This was so fun and a great video to share with visiting friends! Too bad you missed the Bigfoot Museum in Felton! If you had parked at Henry Cowell instead of Roaring Camp, you would have seen it on Hwy 9. Next time ♥️

  3. Sunny Mac duffee says:

    Watch out for the hypodermic needles they are everywhere
    We have a Very Large Heroin and Meth problem here in Santa Cruz
    And if you don't have lots of money don't try to move here
    And if you do be prepared to purchase security systems because the Drug addicts are creeping around everywhere trying to steal anything that is not nailed down
    And as far as Santa Cruz keeping it weird
    Those days are over
    Only Rich Hippies invited
    The city council of Santa Cruz seems to be trying to make Santa Cruz the Riviera of California
    The people who serve you your meal and wait on you in the shops are struggling to survive in an environment of Greed here they have to share a bedroom with a stranger just to survive living in our town

  4. concerned citizen beach says:

    If you want to visit Santa Cruz be warned, we have a huge homeless and drug use here, come to the main beach and boardwalk and see homeless camp down there, be careful if you walk on the beach, u might step on used needles or human feces, or see people shooting up heroin or meth in front of you or your family, or dedicate in front of you , if you visit downtown be vigilant, tweekers are rampant there as are homeless mentality ill people who will steal from you or sucker punch you when your back is turned or you might get stabbed, and yes this has happened here, and these people will get away with this, maybe a night in jail only to be released the next day..

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