Seville Journey Information

Seville Travel Guide

What’s the “actual” Spain? A visit to Andalusia takes you thru the cultural beating coronary heart of the Iberian nation. Seville is the Spain of romance; of “La Furia”.

+ Intro – 0:50
+ Santa Cruz neighborhood – 2:12
+ Triana – 2:49
+ Spanish delicacies – 3:00
+ The Moors and Andalusia – 3:46
+ Actual Alcazar of Seville – 4:50
+ Gardens of the Actual Alcazar – 5:53
+ La Casa del Flamenco – 7:19
+ Interview with flamenco dancer – 8:39
+ Las Setas de Sevilla – 11:01
+ Outro – 11:47

(+) Particular due to La Casa del Flamenco –

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20 thoughts on “Seville Journey Information

  1. M. L. says:

    I totally support the idea that Andalucia is the real Spain. When I'm abroad and I say that I'm from Spain and people say "no, but where are you from originally?", it makes me so happy to know that I don't look like a freaking Moor…

  2. Raghu says:

    The so called Islamic was appropriated/borrowed from Romans and Byzantines I suppose. The geometrical shapes is more about Islams obsession against idols or carving of human statues. Nevertheless these are very very beautiful. The question of tolerance is debatable. The medieval and pre-medieval kings across globe were barbaric, so trying to portray Islamic rule as peaceful is nothing but liberal Propaganda and sadly it has seeped into everyone's conscious.

  3. Ca Ke says:

    I visited Sevilla in 2019. It is the most beautyful city in the world! I wanted to return around this time to Sevilla but covid-19 messed things up. But I will go back and to be honest I am thinking of moving to bella Sevilla

  4. ML Cruz says:

    You need to pronounce all the names and places in Spanish phonetics..Im glad you do speak Spanish..we need to get more people fr US to get over that fear of other languages….

  5. merlinman44 says:

    Wow!! Que te digo Mitch que maravilloso me encanta todo de Sevilla, estuve allí en la mente escuchando la música comiendo tapas wow !! Hablaste español como un sevillano no? Le Hecho de menos de verdad thank you the best yet. Just for the record the best tapa is Gambas Pilpil 🍤

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