Spain Journey Information | Ideas & Native Hacks for Visiting Spain

Spain Travel Guide | Tips & Local Hacks for Visiting Spain

Touring to Spain? Be a part of Alex and Marko the Vagabrothers as they share all the guidelines and native recommendation they realized whereas dwelling in Spain for 3 years. This video shares every little thing it is advisable to know earlier than you go to Spain. From Madrid to Barcelona, Valenica to San Sebastian, Bilbao to Burgos, this information will train you all it is advisable to know earlier than you journey to Spain!





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48 thoughts on “Spain Journey Information | Ideas & Native Hacks for Visiting Spain

  1. Sara Onum says:

    I liked your explanation and video. It’s very well put together. I’m from the South of Spain. Both my parents long lineages and roots from a region called Huelva. It one of the oldest cities of all of Europe, originally called Onuba. It was also part of the Phoenicians and Tartesian cultures. There a lot of archeological evidence of these cultures all taking place in this region.
    Why am I explaining all of this? Because people won’t believe what I am saying to be accurate about my land and my culture, and the history Spain according to a real native person. For example, flamenco is more Arab than from Indians. If you listen to the music and then to Arab chants to the Curan they are so similar. In Spain there was a lot of persecution and none wanted to be caught or die or put in prison for being Arab, or not obeying the new Christian regime after and during the reconquest in around the time of Isabella and Fernando. The Catholic priests and all the new power leaders were told that the music was from Gypsies and everyone kept this lie alive. Perhaps because a lot of gipsy people roamed and liked popular music. These Gypsies adopted the local music of Al-Andalus and loved to be in the streets and party freely. But it doesn’t mean that the music originated by them.
    Also, the Spanish tortilla, made with potatoes, and the Mexican tortilla, made with corn, are both flat, and both alike in name. We don’t know how the imitation became popular, but those two items are iconic in their own cultures. I much prefer lentils, strawberries, roasted chestnuts, date pastries, grilled mackerel, local honey, and shrimp with garlic in olive oil…

  2. A. Andray. CMHuelva says:

    Note: to say that Morocco conquered Spain is like to say that Brittany conquered United Kindong in first century instead of Roman Empire.
    Iberian Peninsula was conquered by Arabs from Umeyad Califate in Damasco (currently Siria) in 8th Century, who formed Cordoba Califate (Al Andalus). Indeed, habitans in this era was know as moz-arabs.
    In these era moors (from north Africa)was a nomad people, but arabs from Damasco was the most advanced culturally people in these moment . Please by more accurate

  3. Stan Myers says:

    Absolutely love the “new format” of highlighting the culture of Spain and hope you continue with this format. I appreciate that you explore the culture deeper as well as the broader wow of a country seen by tourists on the surface. Especially appreciated the courtesies portion. In my experience nothing made me feel more welcomed to the country, as well as an opportunity to make up for the less than gracious tourists. Thank you Alex and Marco.

  4. LifeOnAOneWayTicket says:

    This is amazing! So just by landing you get 90-days! As opposed to SE Asia, where we usually only get 30 days? I have been researching how to live in Spain. Seems like the visa process is so long! We are definitely trying to research how we can stay long-term. Any suggestions?

  5. Scott says:

    I wish Spain offered year long tourist visas. I would love to spend the next 3 or 4 years just traveling around Europe again. I would love to stay in each area for 3-5 months before moving on.

  6. Tseten Bhutia says:

    Planning to treat myself with a Trip to Spain…after completing my thesis…this is veryyyy helpful… Thank you…already subscribed to your channel…will check out more of your videos…🌷🌷🌷🙏

  7. robert111k says:

    A ver. La Reconquista no fue una cosa de un reinado. Duró casi ocho siglos. Y quienes la culminaron no fueron los reyes de Castilla, sino el rey de Aragón, Fernando II, (la Corona de Aragón incluía los reinos de Aragón, Valencia y Mallorca y los condados catalanes) y la reina de Castilla, Isabel I (la Corona de Castilla incluía Galicia, Castilla, León, Asturias, el País Vasco y las "actuales" Cantabria y Rioja).
    Me da la sensación de que la historia os la ha contado alguien muy sesgado y/o bastante ignorante. Y lo que más me avergüenza es que hay un montón de comentarios de españoles que la dan por buena. No tienen ni puñetera idea de dónde vienen. Supongo que por eso les da igual que el país se vaya a la mierda.

  8. Ale abogado says:

    The only place you can really eat paella is in Valencia. In the rest of Spain you will eat something called paella but nothing to do with a real and Valencianes paella.

  9. Alma Oscura says:

    Hola. Soy una chica de Madrid. España por supuesto 😉 Bueno, solo quería decir que me ha gustado mucho encontrar un vídeo sobre mi país tan bien hecho. Pero en algunas cosas estáis un poco perdidos. No es cierto que la paella se como solo en Valencia o la comunidad valenciana. Creo que es un plato a nivel nacional a pesar de ser típico de la comunidad valenciana. En mi casa se hace casi todos los domingos. Y aseguraría que no hay un hogar español en el que no se coma paella casera. Lo mismo con las tapas o los pinchos. En Madrid también suelen ser gratis con la bebida.

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