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St. Petersburg Travel Guide

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Our St Petersburg journey information! Wow, what a spot. Our first Russia journey and we had been captivated by the individuals, the historical past, and the meals.

St Petersburg is an advanced metropolis nevertheless it’s value taking the time to discover and perceive all the pieces this place has to inform you.

Because of our buddies on the Corinthia Resort St Petersburg for serving to us deliver our St Petersburg Journey Information to you.

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43 thoughts on “St. Petersburg Journey Information

  1. Mike Uz says:

    One really important tip about the city. A must visit place – Rubinshteina st. ‘Its a booze place and the number of bars, cafes etc is innumerable. A perfect site to go bar hopping🥂🍷🥃🍸🍹. It’s smack in the city center. You,ll get your kicks!

  2. Cameron says:

    Deepest metro is in Kyiv, not St PB, this video is wrong.

    Also it's mad most eastern cities i've been in are probably safer than places like London, NYC etc

  3. Ronnie Mutea says:

    I have been a great fun of your videos, you are incredibly thorough, your videos are actually helpful, I have used your videos to travel to 3 cities and it was great 👌 thank you for the great work.

    Next destination St.Pet

  4. Kevin Hill says:

    Hi: I'm Kevin Hill: I want to thank you guys at Attache (my keyboard will not allow me to put the grav over the `e' – sorry) for, without doubt, the very best travel guides / Vlogs, whatever you want to call them, on the internet: always insightful, concise, accurate and honest, with no flannel or missing the point or going to the wrong places. I have been to St. Petersburg 17 times and I could not have said anything better than you guys did. I continually watch your guides and, as always, will be looking out for the next ones, although, in this insane world we all live in at the moment, I would expect that for the next few weeks or months, your chances of travelling will be somewhat restricted, which is a cause of great regret for all of us with wanderlust. I wish you well with your future, hopefully sooner rather than later, endeavours. Yours sincerely, Kevin Hill from England in the United Kingdom.

  5. Андрей says:

    дорогой мой друг-во первых если вы пойдёте в шикарный ресторан в центре питера-вам и пачки рублей не хватит-во вторых можете расплачиватся картой а поесть можете и в макдональдсе-не надо бегать по дорогим ресторанам питера и орать что у нас безумная инфляция- даун

  6. Elder Mountain Dreaming says:

    I wonder where St Petersburg people go to vacation? And i am so into nature, forests and open spaces and less people, even though Saint Petersburg looks like a beautiful city, i would head for where the villages and peasants are and skip the harsh winters too.

  7. Dojocho says:

    do they tell people visiting Chicago its the murder Capitol of the USA? And home to Obama's buddies. Baltimore a close second. Russia is very safe.

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