The 6 Finest Issues To Do in Vermont | Journey Information

The 6 Best Things To Do in Vermont | Travel Guide

I hope you want maple syrup!

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42 thoughts on “The 6 Finest Issues To Do in Vermont | Journey Information

  1. Beast says:

    1:56 WHY ARE THEY DRINKING THEIR SOFT SERVE?! I can't even breathe in laughing so hard and no one in the comments are taking about this. Is this a real Vermont tradition or just a joke? 😂😂

  2. Ron S says:

    There is a beautiful new photography book on Vermont titled "Vermont – An Outsider's Inside View." The coffee table book is filled with beautiful photographs of not only the lush landscapes of the green mountain state but even more about the people and characters that make the state so unique and interesting. Edward Rubin spent over two years traveling Vermont documenting everyone from goat herders to farmers to the governor to artisans and coffee shop waitresses. Each photograph is accompanied by a fascinating story about the subject. The book is available at:

  3. Timothy J. Holloway says:

    So four things to eat or drink, one hike, and a visit Burlington. The title says "Best things to DO in Vermont". Maybe you should focus more on activities and less on getting fat/drunk. Apparently, Bernie Sanders comes from farming country where the citizens are more concerned about swill and distractions than they are getting exercise or experiencing new things. I thought his state would be less stereotypically American. Maybe it is.

  4. Devin Mason says:

    And just two miles north of the Ben & Jerry's factory is the Cold Hollow Cider Mill, where you can watch apple cider being pressed, eat apple cider doughnuts, and sample/purchase many Vermont-made products like jams, jellies, condiments, and baked goods.

  5. Olivia G. says:

    Am I the only one who was born in Vermont then you and your mom moved to California for 5 years and now she wants to move back but I don't want to go to a different school? Ok……. Just me

  6. Angela Mitchinson says:

    I love my home/birth state of Vermont! If you are a Vermonter, you know that being born here and having generations before you is important; otherwise you are a 'flatlander'" 😂 I'm kidding of course, but that's what the old timers say. You need to have GENERATIONS here before you call yourself a Vermonter. 😂

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