The German Journey Information To Liechtenstein

The German Travel Guide To Liechtenstein

Welcome to the Indignant German Journey Information To Liechtenstein. If in case you have by no means heard of Liechtenstein, you’re most likely not excellent in school or not clever. You will have come to the proper place. Liechtenstein is a microstate in Europe. Additionally it is one of many richest international locations on the planet. On this video, The Indignant German will probably be your journey information for Liechtenstein and let you know what it is advisable to learn about Liechtenstein.

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46 thoughts on “The German Journey Information To Liechtenstein

  1. Tassos Modellbau Garage says:

    Well, that was a nice guide trougth a beautyful german town.
    But now I have to eat lunch.
    We eat today Bratkartoffeln with Schnitzel.

    (Edit) Many english people called german people
    What do you think about german people?

  2. Kevin Meier says:

    You are talking so much bull shit in this video the message is clear in your video you dont now anithing about Liechtenstein and try to be funny t can tell your not you can do videos like this with every country ecept Liechtenstein that is not funny i visited liechtenstein a lot it is the most beautiful Country i‘ve ever seen.

  3. KC Huelar says:

    🇱🇮 Liechtenstein is 😍😍

    For a first time tourist,If I'm going to book a hotel on any of its municipalities, going to the different places in the country is still very much accessible right? 😊

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