The Most Full Journey Information To Ecuador (High Sights)

The Most Complete Travel Guide To Ecuador (Top Attractions)

On this video, I’ll share essentially the most full journey information to Ecuador. I made a decision to do a really nicely detailed journey information so it might provide help to in your journey expertise to Ecuador. This journey information has the highest attraction and one of the best issues to do in Ecuador, I’ll share one of the best suggestions that may prevent money and time.

The locations I’ll cowl on this video are:
-Baños De Tungurahua

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35 thoughts on “The Most Full Journey Information To Ecuador (High Sights)

  1. Dicita Lore says:

    That horse at the quilotoa saved me. The terrain there is so unstable you feel like your feet just sink into that sand. It was too much struggle to go back up and i love hiking and walking.

  2. Lu R says:

    Dude, Las Peñas is the location where the city of Guayaquil started. Its where it was founded, it was the first neighborhood.
    2 days in Guayaquil?
    Guayaquil is a lot larger than Cuenca & you recommend 3 days in Cuenca?

  3. Marcus And Becky says:

    I wanted to circle back here and say “Thank you” for this awesome guide you put together. I watched it entirely when I put my trip together. We didn’t have as much time there as we would have liked, but your guide allowed me to better plan the trip. Thank you!!

    We posted a vlog on our channel today, and we plan on going back!!

  4. santiago orellana says:

    Reslly bad info great video but poor info Gualaceo is not part or cuenca is part of azuay And in cuenca we have catedral turi calle larga etc etc i think before you make a video u need to collect the right information

  5. Luis Clavijo says:

    Garcias Anthony por mostrarme partes bella de mi lindo paiz, lugares que no habia visited. Lindo video. Extrano mucho la gastronomia Ecuatoriana. Sigan haciendo estos lindos videos. Mil likes.

  6. S R says:

    insawna doku about north mazedonia done by an ORF ( Austrian tv) gally, itbwas so awfull, this guy in comparsion should make a job out of it! he shows things and tells real stuff, not just seeing his pants walking around or the driver…

  7. Holger Fiallo says:

    Safe no. According to radio Sucre on Ecuador crime is high. The TV cameras record people commiting crime and nothing happen. Check radio sucre to see. I would stay in the US or go to Hawaii. Sad that I have to say this. I was bourn in Ecuador but I prefer my new nation US. Beware. The radio sucre even show a video of a American Woman been attack and no one did anything. Americans are not safe there.

  8. Jaime Crusellas says:

    Great Video Anthony!. Another quick thing for someone who is visiting Cuenca is take a tour on a double decker bus (on the top deck of course) you can get one at Parque Calderon for a few bucks. And if you want to give your pretty lady some flowers, there is no better place than the flower market near the Cathedral on Mariscal Sucre.

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