High 5 Issues to do Asturias – Journey Information

Top 5 Things to do Asturias - Travel Guide

After touring via Asturias for just a few days, I wish to share with you my favourite issues do on this tremendous inexperienced area of Spain. So here’s a fast journey information to Asturias, Spain.

Lunch at Llagar Sidrería El Cabañón en Naves
Llagar de sidra “Sidra Crespo”
Lunch in Tierra Astur Gascona (Oviedo)

Resort Blanco (Navia)
Resort Palacio de la Llorea (Gijón)

This video was produced in collaboration with the Spain tourism board, the Asturias tourism workplace and The Journey Mob.


Because of Iain Mallory of the weblog Mallory on Journey for offering me with some drone footage of Oviedo.


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33 thoughts on “High 5 Issues to do Asturias – Journey Information

  1. Mona says:

    You must visit my city Avilés. Is the third city in population. We have historical buildings and modern like Oscar Niemeyer. Near is Salinas Beach with kilometers to walk and make surf. So you should go to the west too. Tapia de Casariego and the limits with Galicia in the end of the Eo River. There are most of the best beaches. Especially Tapia de Casariego beach, Peñaronda and Arnao. Famous for the surf challenges in april Semana Santa.

  2. Flemish f says:

    Hi you have to visit the village "la cuevona"… You can only enter the village trough a 300m long tunnel full of stalagmites and stalactites.. Puxa asturias, greetings from belgium. Love your videos 👌

  3. Miguel Angel Rojas says:

    Nice video! I think you packed a lot into 5 minutes but for a destination like Asturias with so much to see and do it ran a bit short.

    Some totally recommended spots/activities to try are:
    – Somiedo Natural Park: Great spot for hiking and beautiful nature. There are also some bears although difficult to spot.
    – Bulnes: One of the highest villages in Europe. It's gorgeous although accessible only during Summer season as it gets snowed in winter.
    – Bajada Del Sella: Kayaking down the Sella river is a must do for anyone visiting 🙂

    You can find some more information on Asturias on these guides:

    I think the main challenge for foreigners in Asturias might be the language but in any case, it's well worth a visit.

  4. Laura Rodriguez Arias says:

    Hey guys, an Asturias girl here. I would like to comment that this video is incredible, awesome. Apart from this 5 tips I would highly recommend to get high af and walk around our beautiful region, you would enjoy it 100%. E-mail me if you have any doubt!!

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