High journey information to Venice on a price range – How you can Vacation Higher – BBC One

Top travel guide to Venice on a budget - How to Holiday Better  - BBC One

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Programme web site: Richard Madeley affords his Venice survival suggestions and reveals the right way to get essentially the most out of his favorite metropolis by avoiding vacationer traps.

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34 thoughts on “High journey information to Venice on a price range – How you can Vacation Higher – BBC One

  1. Phlegethon says:

    Venice is pretty cheap if you live right outside. You should be spending your day traveling not in your room anyway. It costs you nothing to go in, the only costs is admissions to the sights

  2. Video and Outdoor says:

    Such bullshit.
    They have to show me the coffee for 50 euros.
    Likewise, around 16 euros!
    Why is this always wrong information?
    If you are familiar with Venice, you pay around 1 euro for an espresso.
    If you drink it in the expensive restaurants at St. Mark's Square, it costs 8 or 9 euros.
    ADDED 6 euros will be added to the FIRST DRINK for live music.
    But why do you add that up?
    If I buy a car for 40,000 euros and have a garage built for 10,000 euros, don't I say that the car cost 50,000 euros ?!
    Go work.
    Coloring rooms or something, but they leave wrong information.

  3. Stunl3y says:

    I like to relax and not worry about being ripped off extortionately when I go away , sod hunting around here there and everywhere to not get ripped off , plenty of other lovely cities to go to

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