Tour Utah Nationwide Parks: The Mighty 5 & past Journey Information

Tour Utah National Parks: The Mighty 5 & beyond Travel Guide

90 minute Highway Journey Journey Information to by means of Nationwide Parks in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. We go to eight Nationwide Parks (probably not Zion), unbelievable state parks and the Icon of the West- Monument Valley. Very complete

0:00 Overview-
2:54 Monument Valley
18:30 Intro to the Moab Space
20:08 Arches NP
32:27 Canyonlands NP
39:15 Drive down the 4×4 Shafer trail- Spectacular!
51:44 Moab Aspect Journeys- Fort Valley and DeadHorse Level
56:47 Moab to Bryce: Goblin Valley, Capitol Reef NP, Bryce NP and the Moki Dugway
1:09:00 Kodachrome State Park
1:12:36 Bryce to Mesa Verde- Together with the Petrified Forest and Rte. 66
1:21:58 Chaco Tradition Nationwide Monument
1:26:11 Fly over Valley of the Gods close to Monument Valley


31 thoughts on “Tour Utah Nationwide Parks: The Mighty 5 & past Journey Information

  1. Jedi Star says:

    Hi there, we are headed to Salt Lake City next month to visit the the 5 popular national park and we have 5 to do that, since we are going to Yellowstone stone first. We are not sure if 5 days are enough to visit all 5 parks, but if worst case scenario we will have to skip Zion instead in order to complete most of it. Can you advise rather it’s wise to head straight down south or best to start south East from Arches to Bryce and Zion? How long do you think Arches NP is required and if Canyonlands can be comfortable squeezed in 1 day? I have a 10-24mm wide angel lens, 18-250mm and a 75-300mm lens. Should I bring all or just 2? Any tips for Yellowstone NP or maybe you haven’t made one? I was checking out all your videos, but couldn’t find it.

  2. Silviu Dobre says:

    Thank you for the excellent film ! We saw some of these out-of-this-world places last year. We're dreaming eye open to go back in a foreseeable future and use some of your recommendations.

  3. andreasausmuc X. says:

    Oh my God – I've been a dozen times in the four corners region and your video is just excellent to cope with my "holiday-homesickness" until traveling to the US from Europe is possible again…
    ….and I even got some new tips!

    Thank you so much!!!!

    PS: And definitely never was one of those loud and partying Germans 😉

  4. Timothy Nichols says:

    You should do a comparable video for the State of Colorado. I just moved out there and could use advice about what to see and do that is a little bit more thoughtful than most of the other videos out there.

  5. naomieleonora says:

    Be careful to police in Utah. They're hiding everywhere if they see your license plate is not Utah or they have a bad prejudice thought (a bad intention) then they just give you ticket even you're innocent. They know you're not going to be able to contest in court in a small town like Panguitch. They just victimize you by using their authority. I got one and I saw many polices were hiding there after I got this ticket.
    This police accused me for speeding in Panguitch town. But he issued this ticket about 7/8miles miles from town on 89 freeway which is 65miles/hour. It's about 1miles from 12- freeway. I didn't see him following me from Panguitch but just recently at the point he issued this ticket.
    If he followed me for 7miles? It's a big question mark why he didn't call "back up" or put siren to catch me on 89 highway? Why he tailgate me for 7/8 miles away from town to the point he issued this ticket? It's kind of weird.
    Some people said Utah highway 191-6 is also famous for this dirty practices.
    Remember: Utah highway 89, Utah highway 191. Avoid staying in small towns in Utah.

    I couldn't argue to police officer at that time. But for sure I was innocent. As a 60 years old visitor I had no motives for racing 55miles/hour in town at 35miles/hour sign. As a visitor, slower is better BC I love to see the scenery.

    Don't invite people to your state if you're not welcome to visitors and have bad intention to put visitors like me to be victimized by your state's broken system. I should deal with this case while I visited Utah. Utah Tourism is a trap.

    How to deal with this case?

  6. April James says:

    Arches national park is beyond amazing! Dead horse view is fantastic like a dream the colors blend into the snow and red dirt we went at what i believe was the perfect time nice a cool. The snow really brings out the red in the dirt! Make sure you have your yack track feets on slick~*~ love this epic adventure 🙂

  7. Alliejen12345 says:

    I am going to be in Salt Lake City in late November. I get into SLC on Sunday night and have to leave Friday morning. I’ve always wanted to see Yellow Stone.. but I’m for suggestions. Any thoughts?

  8. leos rule says:

    This is the best travel video i have ever watched.!!!
    And i watch many.
    Lack of money has kept me from being an explorer, but i also became crippled 4 yrs ago so even if i won the lottery i could not go – and enjoy – sight seeing this beautiful world.
    So i watch posts of other people's adventures (thank you very much).
    Through others who generously share their experiences, i get to see some amazing places. However, even though im appreciative, they are often fast shots of scenery but not much indepth knowledge. So i feel i have watched someone's quick pics of a vacation.
    Yet i have not seen anything so all-encompassing with rich detail and beautiful video capturing every tiny aspect of a journey as i have in watching this post. I feel that i was on this trip WITH you.

  9. Matt says:

    If you go to Goblin Valley state park, I highly recommend a hike nearby at Little Wild Horse Canyon. It was one of the highlights during our trip through Utah!

  10. Large Larry says:

    The Grand Circle is the most beautiful drive I have ever been on. This is my rating in case you can only do one or two parks. Keep in mind that some of the parks are several miles apart. #1 Zion N.P., #2 Monument Valley, #3 Canyonlands, #4 Arches, #5 Moab and surrounding area and Brice Canyon as #6.

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