Journey Information Munich | ALEXACHUNG

Travel Guide Munich | ALEXACHUNG

New York, Paris, Milan, London… I’m right here in a village of one million individuals to see what I can see but additionally, I simply came upon their phrase “München Liebt Dich”… So I’m right here for a journey.

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31 thoughts on “Journey Information Munich | ALEXACHUNG

  1. Mjd Sv says:

    AWESOMEEE hahaha this is the best review ever and so accurate. I've lived in Munich for I don't know how many years now (12?) and I still get this experience over and over. hahaha. I love this channel, Alexa thank you!!

  2. Astara Lux says:

    There should be a long version of these for people who are interested in more than just the snapshots. So many things she did, I feel like we could have spent a lot longer on certain parts like the vintage shop and the outfits she wore there. So cool. I love Alexa's humor too!

  3. Ruth Chelimo says:

    Oh Alexa. Your dry sense of humour gets me every time. Your channel is so uniquely Alexa, I'll be watching it for a very long time. I love all your content. You are effortlessly graceful and quirky. I like you.

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