Journey Information to Cuba: Untold Ideas (2019)

Travel Guide to Cuba: Untold Tips (2019)

Hey there, on this video I am sharing with you a whole journey information 2019 to Cuba. This video goes to be actually useful if you’re searching for issues to do, foreign money conversion, learn how to navigate in Cuba & extra.
Right here:
-I will will present you learn how to get probably the most out of Cuban foreign money
-Transportation and one of the best ways to maneuver round in Cuba
-Some locations you could go to and luxuriate in stunning Cuban folks
-Issues you should purchase and never be taken care benefit of
-My foremost focus locations are Havana, Varadero, Vinales

The one factor that I’ve to say about Cuba is that’s a unprecedented place and protected for any vacationer. Cubans are very loving, particularly to vacationer.

Please in case you have any query remember to put up it on the remark part beneath. I’ll love that can assist you and information you in your journey.

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40 thoughts on “Journey Information to Cuba: Untold Ideas (2019)

  1. faraz1206 says:

    Hola Anthony, k tal….
    So I was watching your video on Cuba,
    My question is what is traveling to Cuba like? Meaning, you are Ecuadorian born living in USA, similar to me Guyanese(Guyana South America)born living in USA,what do I need to know and have papers wise b4 I book my trip to Cuba?

  2. J. Miller says:

    I agree with everything she says about Cuba in this video. I just got back Feb 28, 2020.
    One more tip budget at least $30 a day for taxi. I believe this was my biggest expenses that I didn’t account for. There is a tour guide next to Hotel Parque Central his name is Mr. Havana. He is the best tour guide there speaks great English.

  3. DON EL1T3 says:

    calle 62 has 1/2 bbq chicken for 2.50 CUC No it's not as appetizing (IMO) as KiKi's pizza but meh for 1/3rd the price cant really go wrong. Also The Beatles BAr is Fuego A F… Varadero has its ups Havana has the night life… If only they'd combine the 2… I'd be in heaven…

  4. Stanley Duplantis says:

    US$ have a 10% fee… the other 3% is the bank fee and every curency is affected by that. Exchange offices are called Cadeca, not a house where they exchange money…. Why just not redo the first part if you gonna cut twice???
    Bad video, dont waste your time on it and read Cuba forum from trip advisor for good and accurate info on the country.

  5. Happy Texan says:

    It's still not worth going to Cuba when you can stay in the USA/ Florida/Miami has everything Americans need with out the 13-17% Conversion of US Dollar "LOSS". That's no great deal for our USA Dollars that is for sure. 50 great states in the USA to see first. Take a month and see each state prior to going to Cuba. Should take 3 years to see all 50 states. If you still feel the need to go to Cuba, then and only then "Go".

  6. Carlos Valdivia says:

    The more people travel to this communist hell hole the more money the socialist pigs that run it will have to continue the oppression of the Cuban people…All business in havana is state run…!!!

  7. Luis T. Puig says:

    …one thing is to be there as tourists, and another completely different thing is to be there trapped as a prisoner of the totalitarian system. Cuba 1965-1980, Mariel Boatlift escapee here….

  8. Stuart Snelgrove says:

    At 11:30 you say that there is a not a lot of tourists in Cuba ??? are you kidding ..?? Tourism accounts for 50% of GNP of Cuba since 1990 when Russia failed .. you don't even mention that a SMART American tourist will exchange American in Canadian or Euros and then in to CUC when they get there to avoid the 13% loss of exchange .

  9. amin jamal mungin says:

    In Havana all of this stuff is "priced" (ie inflated) for tourists. If you're fortunate enough have local friends, use them but take care of the and they'll take care of you. Just know that you may have to put a cap on it because a lot of their friends and family are gonna want to hang on so… figure out how to handle that ahead of time. Outside of Havana particularly if you go to like Santa Clara etc…and you have local friends its a way better experience but still be very careful you don't wind up footing the bill for a bunch of people you don't even know. All said and done…the locals will take very good care of you but you gotta take care of them too.

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