Journey Information to Jackson, Mississippi the Metropolis with Soul

Travel Guide to Jackson, Mississippi the City with Soul

Jackson, Mississippi is the Metropolis with Soul! Right here is our journey information to Jackson, Mississippi.


I spent 5 unimaginable days exploring Jackson, Mississippi the Metropolis with Soul! Throughout that point I ate, drank and explored all the pieces the town of soul needed to provide. To find out about every of those locations talked about in depth try my information:

Points of interest:
-Mississippi state capitol constructing
-Mississippi Civil Rights Museum
-The Smith Robertson Museum
-The Home of the late Medgar Evers
-Malaco Data
-Farish Avenue

Eating places:
-Mayflower Café
-Sugar’s Place
-Johnny T’s
-Iron Horse Grill
-Bully’s Restaurant
-Brent’s Medicine
-Saltine’s Oyster Bar
-Pig and Pint
-Walker’s Drive-In
-Basil’s Fondren
-Broad Avenue Bakery and Café’
-Superb and Dandy

– Fondren Guitars
-Hal & Mals for Blue Mondays
-Underground 119
-F. Jones Nook
-Fortunate City Brewery
-Cathead Distillery
-Fondren after 5
-Pearl River Kayaking

Whereas visiting Jackson I like to recommend staying in Downtown to be near points of interest and eating places. The Westin Jackson is a good selection that provides the comfort of being within the coronary heart of Downtown close to all of the motion. The resort provides 5 totally different room types, a full service spa, and a scrumptious southern meals menu at their Estelle Wine Bar and Bistro.

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Journey Information to Jackson, Mississippi the Metropolis with Soul



38 thoughts on “Journey Information to Jackson, Mississippi the Metropolis with Soul

  1. awakeningspirit20 says:

    Good lord you'll gain like 100 lbs in one visit with that food! But for the blues, soul, and culture, worth it! Mississippi's in the news right now with its flag change, and I"m designing a new flag to send to them. So I'm also checking out what a visit to Mississippi would be like and it looks amazing!

  2. Ok boomer says:

    Tbh Madison is better (because I live there XD) Jackson needs some help the buildings look horrible you could visit a lot of other places tho too like Biloxi Tupelo, where Elvis Presley first lived and you can look up other Mississippi celebs there would probably be places to go for them.

  3. ok no says:

    Please, for your own good. Don't come to Mississippi. This has got to be one of the most boring states ever. My state doesn't have a good reputation, seen as we have the highest amount of porn watchers and the highest amount of poverty and drugs. The only decent looking buildings you'll find are in some of Jackson and in the rich cities like Biloxi or the sub-city thing I guess of Woolmarket. And trust me, as a person living in one of the "rich" neighborhoods, the people here in these neighborhoods aren't something I would call decent people.

  4. mralan1969uk says:

    Last year I was working for 5 weeks in Missisippi and was based in Ridgeland. We were constantly told in no uncertain terms to keep away from Jackson as it was so dangerous. However we ended up drinking at Frank Jones Corner one night and found the locals very friendly. Beer was nice and the live music was great. We ended up walking around Jackson at 3 in the morning and didn't see anything untoward or dangerous.

  5. Jojo Bee says:

    Do you have some black people fetish, or what? That's all you focus on in this video. Even when you talked about the musical legends of Mississippi, you failed to mention the biggest musical legend ever – ELVIS – who was born and raised Mississippian. What a shit video – thumbs down!

  6. 601 man says:

    I live in Jackson Mississippi and it isn't safe you get robbed and killed this is what you see but stay for about two weeks you will wish you get out of Jackson Mississippi I love Mississippi but Mississippi don't love me

  7. Antro Johnson says:

    The video looks good, I live in Jackson but not from here as I am from a nice delta city, safe to live in at the time an still is. Been here since 1993 and have seen it go to, well I just say this…trying to get out, don’t go out at night crime an the pot holes will do you in!!! Downtown is catered, and to hell with the rest of the city. Mo money mo money with little results. May look good to people outside of the city, but to some who live here, who are not blind and decided, it’s bull….same result every year!!! I know the game an we not playing the game right to better this city. Figure it out if you can. An oh yes i am black and can think for myself. Don’t need nobody to think for me…..peace.

  8. Apricot S says:

    What an awesome and ACCURATE depiction of Jackson's things to do. Based on some of the commenters, you'd think just by passing through you'd end up dead or robbed. Jackson and all the surrounding areas has it's challenges just like any other city or state. I can see some people have never left their own neighborhoods to know that. Thanks for highlighting the positives. I hope your video encourages your followers and the locals to push away from their 6pm local news and actual explore their neck of the woods the way they explore others ☺☺

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