Journey Information To Scotlands NC500

Travel Guide To Scotlands NC500

An in depth information to the NC500 stuffed with hints and ideas to assist your journey to Scotland be extra pleasant. We talk about our time there, favorite websites to see and issues to do. Price of residing, single monitor roads & wild tenting are additionally mentioned. For a extra in depth information to the North Coast 500 make sure to try our playlist stuffed with all of the websites, historical past, myths & legends alongside Scotlands Route 66.


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35 thoughts on “Journey Information To Scotlands NC500

  1. thebigchip says:

    I absolutely loved your trip and the vlogs, I was a bit bereft when I didn't get a notification daily. One thing I did miss out on was my post card 🙁 See you on the next one.

  2. Suzy Shaw says:

    We always go to Scotland in October, we were at Loch Ness this October, and yes it was very wet, but quiet, best time to go, or in February/ March, great series keep it up

  3. Sean Bangs says:

    Good review, did the NC500 two years ago in five nights, went in early May not too busy then either , loved the journey, the west coast is beautiful, getting to Thurso seeing Lidl and getting a 4G signal was our highlight lol, happy memories

  4. Epic Journeys Britain & Ireland says:

    Me and the wife are doing the 500 in September next year…whats it like for petrol stations/camp sites etc? we will be mostly wild camping in a wee camper so we will need camp sites for showers etc etc…the wife is a photographer so we will be mainly looking for places for photographs….we have done scotland twice now, and conjoined it with Northumberland/Yorkshire/Cumbria and the west side of Scotland..2000 miles in total…but we havent done the 500 yet.

  5. Greg the wild hippy Hall says:

    really enjoyed your adventure! me and the wife are hoping to do it next year on the motorbike! we have a paper map flyer for the NC500 but it doesn't show half of the castles and other places you visited! I prefer paper maps you can see more of what is around you than you can on a phone!

  6. tburnsmatheny says:

    You two look a bit rested now. Mazzie I love how you are letting your hair color grow out. I look forward to seeing how it looks as it grows out. Then you will probably do some hi lights, knowing you.

  7. Adrian Pipe says:

    Really enjoyed the series guys and think you've summed it all up perfectly there. I particularly agree about some of the local drivers who I often find to be impatient bordering dangerous, they overtake on blind bends/brows of hills etc routinely even though you're travelling at a decent speed – not all of them by any means but definitely some! Also as you say towards the end, I tend to do exactly the same – stick around the west coast which is simply stunning. Thanks again for a fabulous set of videos and informative and entertaining along the way, I've certainly got a few more things to see next time around. Great stuff 🙂

  8. Dawn Piche' says:

    I love that Mazzy is finally comfortable in front of the camera. Always new she'd be a natural once she got used to it! Hope your health is improving Mazzy! And yes, we didn't forget you Dan, we love you too! 💋❤😘

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