Final MAUI Journey Information! Plus, some SECRET Issues to do in Hawaii… Don't Inform Anybody!

Ultimate MAUI Travel Guide! Plus, some SECRET Things to do in Hawaii... Don't Tell Anyone!

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Maui Hawaii Journey Information Issues to do in Trip Vlog Journey. What Locations to Tour, Go to, See.

Your Maui Journey simply obtained higher, so get pleasure from this video of our Maui Tour.

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Smells Like Summer time (Unique Combine) by Del Inventive Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.Zero Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0

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44 thoughts on “Final MAUI Journey Information! Plus, some SECRET Issues to do in Hawaii… Don't Inform Anybody!

  1. Rick Buck says:

    SUPPORT my Channel by Downloading my Itinerary for $1.99 from the link in the description box above. It gives the secret location, all other locations, all the links to my activities, and some money saving tips!

  2. Ginger Weiland says:

    I am going to Maui next week. I am 48, brunette, and overweight. I want to replicate this video exactly! I can't braid my stringy hair for squat so it would be rather funny with my old, fat behind pretending I am so gorgeous. So tempted!

  3. professorFloyd says:

    I am sick of tired people talking about respecting the Hawaii culture, if you don`t want tourist to spend their money on your island close it. I am not expecting you to speak with a Brooklyn accent when you come to New York. Many people complaining about how rude the locals act towards the visitors, so stop this stupid B.S.

  4. Amanda Stemen says:

    Love this video! Very artistic. Great info and footage! Your wife is gorgeous and I love the model shots of her! My husband and I are going there next week, we cant wait to get some of our own footage and pictures! P.S. Dont listen to all the negativity about to many shots of your wife, I think it's sweet and added a movie/music video like touch to it, my husband and I do the same with each other on our trips. Keep it up, dont change your personal videos for others opinions! God bless you both!

  5. Manu Kenolio says:

    Sad that people like you thinks that because you came and visited our home your a selfmade tourguide. I live in a village about 5 minutes away from the blow hole I've heard, seen and been a part of a lot rescue and more often recovery efforts and believe me when you heed warning signs you put yourselves and the people around the area in danger. You and your wife was just lucky cherish this video because next time you may not be so lucky . if you watch this and think it's looks fun and easy and decide to try it well we may meet some day

  6. Gripco1 says:

    Did you say “for some reason”? Don’t give people who don’t have experience with the ocean too much security to not be careful. Never turn you back to the ocean in Hawaii! Never get close to lava ledges which can collapse into the ocean. And rogue waves can come out of nowhere and sweep you away, which is why they say don’t get too close to edge of the ledges. It’s not “made up to scare you”. Do research and see. Respect the is beautiful and and THE MOST isolated island chain in the world. Enjoy, but be educated. Show the island not the back of your wife walking.

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