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Our Vienna Journey Information! So many layers to this excellent Austrian metropolis and we barely had time to scratch the floor. Vienna is a kind of cities that gives one thing for everybody; tradition, meals, journey.

Vienna is polished on the floor however dig just a little deeper and there is a lot extra to find. Past the unimaginable museums, cathedrals, and markets, this Austrian metropolis is an thrilling year-round vacation spot for all travellers.

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30 thoughts on “Vienna Journey Information

  1. andrewnduati says:

    I really want to visit vienna when this is all over… but I also really want to visit London and Athens first too. I'm happy and fortunate to be able to work from home, and earn my regular salary, but maybe I should save up and do a world tour or something for a few months once outside is legalized again haha

  2. KawaMizu says:

    I was born and raised in Vienna, I still love the city, but I moved from Austria to Finland. There are many good sides to Vienna for sure, but unfortunately Austria in general got so unsafe. So much criminality and you barely hear any german in the whole country anymore, which makes my heart even more cry. I want to have my Austria back how it was 15-20 years ago. I love my country and I wish I could go back, but like I said, there are unfortunately also some things going on, which are not that great :/

  3. Nono 1 says:

    Great video!

    The only issue I had: I am not sure I would eat a Schnitzel in a coffee house. It's not like they are bad or anything, but I just think that are so many better places to have one, like a "Beisl" for example, which are usually also cheaper than coffee houses like Café Sperl.

  4. Chris Sanders says:

    Just spent the last two days here in vienna and unfortunately ive had to cut my trip short due to the coronavirus and am flying home today before everything is on lockdown its sad cause i really liked this city

  5. Hans Hanzo says:

    There are in some locals musicians, and try some good gasthaeuser, but they can be a much. And some good pubs ar there too, good beer with variety, wine too. And i endorse kebab for food on the go, quality varies thou. Probably theatre but it requires a bit better german.
    And under the stephansdom the catacombs are macabre interesting with a tour, and its cold in summer. For some quiet the central cementary is interesting and quiet. And whatever else, stroll according to your desires.

    Mariahifler strasse is a good tip, volksgarten, any heurigen(local with cold good food, and wine), landstrasse, around stephansplatz, There are good museums,heeresgeschichtliches museum is good, the one on the karlsplatz, wien museum. museums for everything.

  6. german sick says:

    Baddest boring citiy in the world trust me guys before fly to vienna go visit berlin or Hamburg vienna got only 3 things too see Stephansdom Schlossschönbrunn und parter thats all trust me guys dont waste your money is this boring city

  7. Flower Dolphin says:

    Good to know in Vienna: Make sure the menu actually says Wiener Schnitzel. If it says Schnitzel nach Wiener Art, that is pork, bc it's easier to come by. So keep that in mind.

  8. Ron Farkas says:

    Your channel feeds my wanderlust and I love it so much, but since you've only had one African city and none from South America, I'd love to see them featured more as I'm genuinely interested in visiting them.

  9. conanthegreat says:

    Such a beautiful and also very interesting place! I have to include it in my top next goals! When I travel I always take my travel playlist with me, including classics like One by Metallica, Lateralus by Tool or new bands and songs like for example Wasted by Delta Parole, what travel playlists do you fellow travelers love and listen to?

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