Viking Journey Information to Sweden / Historical past documentary

Viking Travel Guide to Sweden / History documentary

We are able to be taught loads in regards to the pagan faith of Vikings and their ancestors, not solely in outdated books and manuscripts, however within the panorama itself. Sweden particularly is roofed in historic ritual websites which had been utilized by the Norse peoples. A few of them date to the medieval Viking period, whereas others are a lot older, but had been nonetheless in use throughout Viking instances.

On this movie, I journey round Sweden to point out you among the most fascinating and mysterious archaeological spiritual websites and, by them, enable you to grasp a bit extra in regards to the historic faith of the Norse peoples and the place you possibly can go in Sweden to see it for your self. We cowl the whole lot from barrows and grave-fields, ship burials, stone ship settings, sacrificial bushes and god poles, ritual areas such because the treudd and extra.

This channel is dependent upon your help:

Viking warriors by Christian Sloan Corridor
Treudd by Ryan Murray
Animated god pole and ship by Christopher Steininger

Music so as:
theme track: Wolcensmen – Sunne
Borg – The Might Queen enters the circle
Bark Sound Productions – Eld
Myling – Töcken
Xurious – Steppe enlargement
Borg – the selecting ceremony
Elegiac – Odin
Halindir – Hedelandet II
Ormgård – Sjálfsforn
Bark Sound Productions – EGD
Grimrik – Der astrale ursprung
Bark Sound Productions – in return


00:00 Intro
01:22 Viking burial and perception
06:44 what’s a barrow?
09:20 Yggdrasill and the cosmic centre
13:29 Stone ships
16:20 Treudd
18:02 Släbro
26:36 Rösaring
28:51Vada mounds
31:10 Conclusion


37 thoughts on “Viking Journey Information to Sweden / Historical past documentary

  1. Aria Isara says:

    I'm from Normandy, my grandfather used to say (half jokingly) he was a Viking 😊 I feel more connected to Celtic culture but I like learning about Scandinavian culture too. I especially like their carved stones! But the body parts dangling from trees must have been a very spooky sight 😱

  2. Ambi Cahira says:

    In my mind when I look at those square carvings it almost looked like a landscape description on some of them. If for example the wavy lines is water and dots are rocks and crosses are trees for example then maybe some artist that started it all was intrigued by making maps or something, and maybe it inspired more people to put more art there later or something. Of course just a wild guess but the wavy lines at least did remind me of water. Really neat. 🙂

  3. Buddha for President says:

    If ever you plan to visit pagan sites in South-west Norway, please contact me. I recognize some the things you showed from Sweden from my local area. Some of them are relatively little know and you can not find information online.

  4. VeritasIncrebresco says:

    Is there an organization that tries to conserve these sites in Sweden? Possibly one worth donating to? I read an article about Viking age coins being melted because there were "so many". I fear that the idiots melting those coins may apply the same logic to these carvings and burial mounds

  5. Daniel Karlsson says:

    Bra video , det som varit skall återuppstå . Astru is never left people demand the true history. Sverige är ett vikingaland sedan vanerna för över 2000 år sen . Edda /Havamal tells some of of the truth

  6. Bird's Eye View says:

    About a week ago I came across several articles from Google News that claimed that with new genetic testing the Vikings have recently been found to not actually be White. STJ would you please make a video about your thoughts and opinions on this?

  7. Erik Edvard says:

    Very well made my friend… i look forward to seeing these ancient sites from the lands my ancestors come from… thank you for you're dedication and persistence to educate… with love from America as we survive the jive 👍…

  8. moflkb says:

    This should be renamed to, areas around Mälaren, that I have visited. It almost totally fails to pick up anything from outside Mälaren. One can guess that the creator lives there and has spent holidays on the west coast, up north and on Gotland.

  9. Cu Faoil ag Rith, Running Wolfhound says:

    So I was looking at those symbols you were showing at Hällristning and my first thought was heraldry designed, that maybe these are the signature or symbols of various families that had gathered there for some purpose, they also reminded me of Egyptian hieroglyphic cartouches, which were used for the name of royalty. The lines and dots could be representative of the number of family members. It's really the first thing that came to mind

  10. tom eng says:

    Great vids. Keep up the good work.

    The Viking blood in me is still running strong and ready for battle anywhere, any time….be prepared..see you in Valhalla.

  11. Gunter says:

    @Survive the Jive
    If you want a challenge, do a video about the history of the Romanian people and language, it would be so cool to see what you will be able to find, cause there are so many theories about this topic.

  12. So Lady Like says:

    im viking or as the norms say swedish but i have a funny norse mythology story to share with other people here in the comments i live in mid sweden götaland next to one of the big lakes in sweden Vättern and as a child who grew up right in the heat of norse mythology my mom and dad and locals and people around this entire region said how 1 gaint threw what is the islands of Öland and Gotland out into the water of the baltic sea leaving the holes wich is the lakes vättern and vänern and how Jörmungandr used to watch over us and how much the serpent was feared and how he used to travel between those 2 lakes in the night and early morning fog and how Tor or Thor as hes known in english walked these parts of Karlsborg the local town and how he protected us with his mighty hammer and ill have to say im very proud of my ancestors and to be the remains of what was such brutal warriors guess they never thought their future generation would be a barber haha

  13. Sander Christensen says:

    Great video though I would like a lesser use of the word Viking as it describes a certain culture in Scandinavia at that time and not all Norsemen where Vikings this is especially true for Norway and Sweden where the Viking culture was not as common as Denmark and would mostly be seen by coastal areas

  14. Farm Tribe says:

    Great documentary! I homeschool my kids and we finished learning about the Greek pantheon now we are moving onto the Norse mythos, and I will be showing my kids this doc for sure. Thanks Survive the Jive!

  15. Alexander Ledvina says:

    Can you please do a debunking of Dr. Kennedy on the Study of Antiquity and the Middle Ages. He had her on there for Black Athena and on the BBC controversy where they depicted Roman and Celt warriors as black and takes the one account of an Ethiopian soldier and Septimius Severus in Britain. I'd really like to get him to have you guys debate because shes a damn critical theorist and unlike you who likes to know the truth has that gender studies agenda

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