Welcome to Peru! | Greatest Important Ideas & Journey Information

Welcome to Peru! | Best Essential Tips & Travel Guide

Welcome to Peru! This important journey information will present you the very best important suggestions for Peru, certainly one of Latin America’s unbelievable international locations. From Lima to Cuzco and Machu Picchu, that is the important Peru journey information!


Extra Cinematography by the proficient Carlos Mason




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39 thoughts on “Welcome to Peru! | Greatest Important Ideas & Journey Information

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  2. Douglas Rojas says:

    Hi Excuse your video is not accurate for your information, we in peru speak spanish not quechua there are some parts which still people speak quechua which real people of lima dont like much,

  3. John Tux says:

    How did the Spanish conquest destroy indigenous cultures and was brutal 500 years ago?
    You don't have idea what you are talking about. Prepare your videos better and study a bit of history before speaking.

  4. Michael Demiglio says:

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    But, great informative vid. I really hope to visit Peru soon.

  5. Ana Maldonado says:

    😁he had a realization.
    That’s nothing another fellow filmed a funeral, some people praying But most watching a game . I guess it was the one with New Zealand to go to the World Cup, uy! So yes we went to the World Cup and the rest is history.

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