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Our Zurich Journey Information! Be part of us as we discover this stunning Swiss metropolis.

Zurich is a metropolis that does not get sufficient love. Full of tradition, historical past, creativity, and craft, Zurich has one thing for everybody. We skilled some Swiss consolation meals and realized the customs of this excellent and welcoming metropolis.

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20 thoughts on “Zurich Journey Information

  1. Luca' s Work tv says:

    Zurich isn’t Switzerland! It’s a separate country that is better than the rest of Switzerland!! All money goes only to Zurich and shit on other cities or regions! I live in Switzerland and I know what I’m talking about!!!

  2. World from Above says:

    Great Zurich video, thanks. I love that city, especially the walks around the lake and by the river. I have visited Zurich recently and recorded a drone video. Check it out at my channel. Best.

  3. andrewnduati says:

    I just need to lockdown a comfortably high five or low six figure salary in political science or social science research, and I'll sign any of the 1 million forms required to move to Switzerland.

  4. andrewnduati says:

    Zurich is probably the best "transit" city I've ever been to.

    Is it expensive?: Hell yeah

    Is it overrated? Hell no

    How expensive is it? I paid 11 franc for a 12oz glass of still water and a ham & cheese sandwich (slice/cut diagonally, and only one slice of the cut sandwich) for 12.00 franc.

    If I made at least $90,000 a year (net), I'd move to Zurich (or really anywhere else in Switzerland) in a heartbeat.

    Until then, I'll just visit it from time to time lol.

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